Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Religious Beliefs of Our Founding Fathers

Signed: l.r. Howard Chandler Christy, Sail Loft, U.S. Navy Yard, Washington, D.C., April 1940 (This painting hangs in the east stairway in the House wing of the United States Capitol.)

I read a great post about our Founding Fathers and their religious beliefs in a blog today. In this particular post, quotes of our Founding Fathers are given which show clearly their religious beliefs and faith in God. I would like to share it with you, just click on the link above to read it. The name of the blog is a bit strange to me... but I really like the content I have read so far. I just had to comment (a few changes are made, here)...

So much is said which isn't true these days (IE- founders not being religious, constitution being outdated etc.).

It is so sad that more people don't realize the truth.  To KNOW that the founders were religious, did pray before each assembly, did ask God to direct them in creating the Constitution and framework for the United States of America, and that God did hear and answer their prayers... IS TO KNOW that THE CONSTITUTION WAS INSPIRED OF GOD,  AND THAT TO RETAIN OUR FREEDOM WHICH WAS SO DEARLY FOUGHT FOR - WE MUST VOTE IN/FOR CONGRESSMEN, REPRESENTATIVES AND PRESIDENTS WHO WILL BE TRUE TO THE OATH THEY TAKE WHEN THEY ARE NOMINATED INTO THEIR RESPECTIVE OFFICES, TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION!! 

Some people will never know the truth. But, there is a God, and He will continue to whisper into the hearts of those who will ask for truth and hear; His words will be known, and thanks to the good of those who hold onto and fight for the blessings of the God inspired Constitution, THIS NATION SHALL ENDURE!

Thank you for this post!
Corine :D

This nation became a free and prosperous nation because it was lead by men who loved and honored Jesus Christ. These founders prayed, honored Christ, and lived Christ's teachings. They were honest, frugal and hard working. They had Charity - the pure love of Christ. They were willing to make sacrifices for others, but never forced others to make those same sacrifices. They respected the free agency of others. These leaders were people of high morals. And overall... the. people. were. too.

If we want our country to be prosperous and good as it once was... perhaps we to, as individuals, families and as a Nation, should go back to living the principles that made our country so prosperous and so good... so long ago. I have been examining my life lately and am working on this. It is so exciting! :) It feels so good. I hope your life feels good, too. :D


  1. So very true. I was reading in my scriptures the other day in Mosiah and was thinking about when the people are asked to give their all. Those who had more to give more to those in need and I realized this is the difference between socialism. The people were asked (not forced) and in giving it was in their desire to please God.

    I look forward to the day when the Lord reigns here again!

  2. THANK YOU, Rachel! And what a difference this makes! I wish everyone realized the difference between sharing/giving and socialism.


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