Monday, June 28, 2010

Recent Highlights...

I have been SO BUSY! With what, you ask? OK, I'll list just a few highlights....

*Traveled to Boise to hang out with family/friends and attend a wedding...

*Jotted over to Moscow to visit the newly wed's. The sweet young bride called and insisted we all come over and have a sleepover with them (I love that girl!)...

(Here's a quick snap shot for the bride's mom to see how nice her wedding gift looks on their wall ;)

*Hung out with my friend, Dee... We usually roller blade with our friend, Jessica... but since we all keep missing it due to either RAIN or the change of summer schedule, I stopped by Dee's house on one of my spontaneous outings {Jessica lives too far for me to skate past her house and pick her up - sorry Jessica!} and kidnapped her for an afternoon rollerblading session. Dee had the fabulous idea of going down town Coeur d'Alene at the park, which I emphatically consented to. We then continued rollerblading on the absolutely beautiful Centennial bike trail and added to the spontaneity of the adventure by taking off our roller blades and jumping into the lake, (fully clothed :).

Actually, it was Dee's idea to jump in with our clothes on. After I responded with a hearty "heck yeah - I'll jump in!" Dee conveniently remembered she still had her swimsuit on from taking her kids to the beach earlier that day. :O Totally NOT FAIR!  But even with the clothes on ~ it was so much fun!

I wish we had a camera with us to get photos of the trail and park we rolled through - The whole outing was A BLAST!!! Mental note to self: buy a cheep, small camera that I can take with me rollerblading etc. One should always be prepared! :D And get photos of the three of us girls rollerblading, too.

The following day Dee and I dropped our kids off at the theater and headed off for a much funner summertime adventure than movie watching... we hiked. It was super short (darn) ... but on our way to the hiking location - we sure had fun swinging at a park! :D

I couldn't stop laughing when I got up high enough on the swing. You know you're past your youth when you get on a swing and laugh hysterically like you are on a roller coaster at the county fair! Did I just admit that out loud? :O Oh well... age is only a state of mind; I'll be young FOREVER! :D

*The night before this small but awesome adventure, my family joined me in shoveling a trailer load of dirt into a huge trailer, after which we took turns shoveling it into a wheel barrel and rolling it across the lawn to be unloaded in the second garden area that I recently built. That morning, we reloaded the trailer (for a grand total of about 4 huge trailer loads full in the past month) and did it all again. Only this time... I had to finish the job alone (I love it when they jump in here and there between activities and take a wheel barrel of dirt to the garden! :). This meant I actually got sore muscles the next day. Yikes!

I actually spent the next couple of days unloading dirt in to the second garden bed... finishing the planting of the hopeful crops to come (A bit late to plant...  I know! But I had to try. At least I will be fully ready - early - next year). 

*BTY - I made a couple of "smile box" collages (below) with pretty frames and music etc. But for those of you who would rather just see a collage you don't have to load, I give you this...
PS As you might have guessed... this activity has taken up the majority of my time lately! I'm so excited to have it DONE, and can't wait to see produce!

In case you like to see photos with colorful and creative backgrounds and a little music to boot - I give you the following...
(Give the collages time to load - You will see an advertisement before the collages begin loading)

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LOL ~ Are you totally tired of seeing the same photos, repeatedly? ... Do you have them memorized? Sorry... I had way too much time on my hands yesterday and was experimenting.
BTW (again:) - It is so nice to have the guts (I think it comes with age) to make a blog post of yourself after gardening all day in your grubbies, with no shower, no makeup (that one's easy... hardly ever touches my face), hair a mess - never curled under (come to think of it - I don't think I even combed it ~ no ziz zags either), and dirt all over (even my forehead was covered with dirt... as were my clothes from head to toes!) :O ~ But hey... I'm making memories! :D

*I also helped my daughter with a yard sale. She has decided she is just about ready to fly the coop, and is lightening up her load first. I really hope we get a couple of super fun weeks in with her before she moves! :O I am really going to miss this super awesome daughter of mine!!!!

BTY - During our yard sale we met a cousin of Hobie... (The man who created Hobie Cat's / IE the most popular sailboat around... which my husband loves and sells for a living) I immediately sent for Miles. Miles was excited. :) (BTY - That man of mine is so cute! ~ Not to mention... totally gorgeous! :) As it turned out... this cousin also has a name for himself in the sailing world, Alder. Miles knew his name and was excited to meet him not only because he was Hobie's cousin, but because he was himself. Nice. (I'll give him just an ounce of privacy, and leave the first name off) So, with their consent, I took a photo of the two men together. :)

Yesterday (day after yard sale) I slept and lounged around. And that brings me to today. Time to start getting this house of mine back in order. :O Uggh!

Corine :D


  1. Yes, you are beautiful without the aid of 'paint'. :)

    I have never thought of doing the raised bed with cinder blocks! What a great idea!!! The wheels are turning in me little ol' head........

    Busy times but fun times it looks like!

  2. Rachel: You are a dear. ~ Thank you so much for the compliment. :D

    As for the garden... cinder blocks are great; they won't rot! There is one step though, that I did not finish which I am concerned about. I wish I would have made a protective shelter from too much rain. I thought we were through with bucketfuls of rain falling down by the time I finished building and planting my second garden, guess I was wrong.

    I'll take photos again when I am done with the shelter, in case you or others would like to duplicate the idea.

    TTFN! Corine


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