Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Circle Journal Sneak Peak ~ Theme Passion...

Hi! :D ~ I just came by tonight to post some sneak peaks for someone in the Circle Journal I am involved with who asked for it... (hi Kelly :)

These that I am posting today are journal entries that I created for a Journal with the theme of PASSION. ...a very cool theme if you ask me. It was fun to ask myself "Corine, what are you passionate about?" I came up with a few areas of passion, but made pages for only a couple.

The first page I created for this book has to do with my passion for hand written sentiments/ IE. snail mail. :D I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GETTING LETTERS IN THE MAIL! (HINT HINT... for those of you who know me ;) I suppose I should send more snail mail out myself. :O I have been collecting little bits of paper and envelopes again with the intention of doing just this. But honestly, many of the letters that I absolutely cherish and occasionally pull out of my closet from the crate box container they reside in... are actually written on simple notebook paper and have no pictures etc... no fancy print... just wonderful, glorious words! :D. I have a thing for words... (in case you hadn't noticed. :) I never throw letters away. I keep them all (well, the ones that are from close friends and family... the ones I cherish because I am so darn sentimental! :D I just love to sit and sift through them from time to time.

OK, I'll post the journal entry, but you should know that mine aren't really pieces of art... just unusual journal entries. Ah well, if I can thoroughly enjoy and love "all words" and no art... perhaps you can enjoy this too; so here you have them (Please don't fuss about the awful handwriting! I really should have done the writing first rather than last in case it didn't turn out well, but I didn't; and since I didn't want to redo the page - I left it in all it's imperfection! Try to enjoy it if you can ;)...

A few other things I am passionate about (besides giving and receiving snail mail... or emails, even though snail mail buries emails) are: family, friends, traditions, journal writing, being thrifty, life, genealogy and family history, travel to visit loved ones, feelings (I'm not strange - am I?), thinking... which also goes along with meditating, introspection, receiving inspiration and learning truth, (OK... maybe I am just a little strange! LOL), celebrating holidays (is that better?), being patriotic (better yet?? ;D), enjoying nature, being physically active out in nature by way of hiking, rollerblading and other lovely outdoor activities, and of course... passion itself. OK, to say I'm "passionate" about all of this may be a bit of a stretch. :) And since it's getting late and I want to go to sleep, I'm not going to talk about all these passions tonight.  

I will reiterate though, that I love traveling. I especially love to travel to visit family and friends. This is among one of my favorite enjoyments in life. I wish I could do it so much more than I do. All in good time, I'm sure.

Would you like to see my other passion pages? The next two have to do with family and journaling. OK, here they are...

This has an old photo on it that we took with our tripod (like we always do) while out hiking a couple of years ago. The oldest boys are bigger than their dad now, and the youngest is almost as tall as I am (which isn't saying much since I'm a shrimp... but he is growing!)
We really need a new family photo!

I'm really enjoying creating these pages, but am also very nervous about posting them and sending them out because the other ladies in this circle all seem to be amazing artists, and I'm NOT. Aggg! (As you can see, I don't even "attempt" to do art. The best I can do is come up with simple embellishments. :O ~ I really hope the ladies who end up with these journals will enjoy my pages regardless.

I just received another journal in the mail today with the theme of emergence. I am so excited to get started on that one, too! What a fabulously introspective and fun project this has been! :D 

I'm hoping to talk my family into joining me in a circle journal. I'm trying to think of a good family based theme for that one. I'm pondering themes (as of 5 seconds ago...) "Traditions," "family memories in the making?" Or maybe the theme could be "family history" where each shares old family stories they have heard about that would be fun to pass on to the rest of the family. Na... not fun enough. It should be something crazy! Maybe... silly moments or "Laugh Aloud's!" Honestly though, if it is from family it won't matter if it is serious or crazy... we are sure to treasure them. :)

I wonder what other people have done with journals. Have you ever kept a family journal or done a circle journal of sorts? Or maybe you have ideas for a family journal theme. I'd love to hear about it! I even think it would be great to do a family blog. I wonder if I could talk my family into that. Family ~ Are you there?? ;)


  1. Awesome job!!
    Can't wait to get it!!

  2. Snail mail! I love that. How cool!

    Maybe that's why I'm always getting stuff on Amazon. HA!

  3. Feeling passionate about things is good!! Seriously. I don't care what it is. To feel passionate about something means you are alive.

    Snail mail. I agree.

  4. Love these pages! Scrapbooking and journaling is such a wonderful way of recording our history and our passions.


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