Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Gummy Bear Song With Lyrics

Hi. I'm super overwhelmed right now. I have a list of things to do which are about nine miles long... I need to prioritize and get to work so I don't freeze and get further behind. I may also need to take a break from blogging for a bit to free up some time to help me catch up on things, but I will be back. For now... I'm going to watch a little laughter eliciting video... and then get to work! I hope you enjoy this too! :D



  1. Just remember, there is nothing in any rule book that I have ever read that says you have to blog every day or that they have to be long. Just do what you need to do and don't worry. I have a feeling that the blogging world will still be here when you return

  2. Corine, whenever I have this feeling (like being buried under my 'to do lists'...yes, lists) I make myself do the most awfully unfun thing first...and then the rest seem much easier. Plus it boosts my confidence level that I have done the 'worst ugly thing' first...nothing else seems quite so bad after that. (: Hope you get some time to catch up and don't worry about the'll be waiting for you when you are done with your successes (: ~Amy

  3. Patty Ann - True... I shall just wing it. :)

    Amy - Thanks so much. That is wonderful advice. I did get two awful projects done today... and it is amazing how much it lightened my load psychologically. I'm going to go prioritize and do some more magic this week. :D

  4. BHAHA. That was great.


  5. Jules - More great advice! Taken... and thankful for the wise reminder. ;)

    Makay - Good to see you again! I'm glad you enjoyed this video. It sure made me laugh! :D

    To all - I love blogging because of people like you!!!! Thanks for taking the time to comment!!!! :D It is so great to get various perspectives on the little every day things; they all help to make life so much better. :)


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