Sunday, October 31, 2010

Living in the NOW ~ While Writing :)

Monday and Tuesday I tried to live in the now for a journal entry I planned to write. It isn't easy for me, and it's something I've only just been hoping to accomplish lately; but on these two days I really focused on living in the now so I could experience and write about it in Sherry’s NOW journal. It seemed mistakenly impossible at first (I believe that nothing is truly impossible...); so I chose to try it again, both days... during an activity that I thought would increase the probability. "Surely," I reasoned, "I can live in the here and now for even just a few minutes ~ while rollerblading!"  :D (Imagine, if you will… my eye brows raising and lowering now, if you have the imagination to do so! ;o).

I wasn't a pro at it by any means, but I began to develop some new mental skills; and I had fun! Interestingly, I ended up getting two journal entries out of the deal (though I wrote it all at once, then simply split it in two): one about rollerblading... and the other about writing. :D I already posted the writing about rollerblading. Here is the writing that flowed from my fingertips as I ended my writing about rollerblading and began writing about the experience I was experiencing right then and there... ~ while writing. I do hope you enjoy! :D
Corine  ;D

These past few minutes of writing have been, and continue to be... wonderful!
Sometimes when I write, I mange to totally and completely enjoy and live in the NOW. It is almost like a miracle for me; and I love it! I don't know why it happens then. Perhaps it is because I get so lost in my thoughts that nothing else exists. Or perhaps it is because writing is such a treasured experience for me that I become so absorbed... I practically entertain myself with my own reactions. :)

I love the way my mouth turns up without meaning to… a gentle smile of enjoyment emerges upon my face, as mind and hands just go... envisioning glorious phrases and a variety of wonderful occurrences to pen down... occasions I have been fortuned upon in two or three separate outings, which occasionally weave together in my mind to be expressed upon one solitary, magical memo. My mind is on fire with endless possibilities to write about. It is an art, to capture and forever preserve for future generations those gleaming moments in time; and all of this is astoundingly done with the use of simple, powerful, wonderful, glorious, words...

I love the feeling I have of being completely relaxed as my fingers flow across the keyboard. I sit cross legged on my wooden chair at my bedroom desk… it is quiet in here. The only things I hear are the small clicking sounds my fingers create as they gracefully press down upon the keyboard... inspired by the dreamy thoughts which linger ~ like a never ending dance within my mind.

All other sounds in the house are drowned out my my own beautiful thoughts emerging from my place of refuge; my ears are in blissful peace. It is just me, my thoughts, the computer and keyboard… And I am loving each and every solitary moment of it! My heart beats so slowly and peacefully that I forget it is beating; but I am reminded of it as it warms, and I find myself sighing as shivers radiate ever so gently up my body and travel to the top of my head. I am alive, and I am enjoying life here at my keyboard more than words can tell... or can they?

I could write forever... however, I have written much, too much already and do not wish not to overwhelm my readers. And so, with a content smile upon my face and my right leg still neatly crossed upon my seat, I raise my left foot up onto the chair in my own, “I’m nearly done” fashion. This is followed by placing my left elbow upon my left knee… my left hand reaching up to brush my hair back with my fingers, and then tuck some of it behind my left ear ~ perhaps then holding my hand under my chin ever so gently. I sigh again, because somehow,

I feel fulfilled...


My hand lowers from my chin, as it travels down to my knee and continues down my leg and then to my foot. I grab the toes of my left foot; I don’t know why… But it warms my toes; they feel good. I then place both hands upon my left knee and rest my chin upon them as I stare briefly at the page on the computer screen before me. I continue to smile :).

This is a wonderful experience, but I am ready to leave it behind - until another day… soon. It is time now to think about other things... like preparing dinner, and attending evening meetings and appointments.

And so I bid you all “adieu.” Good day; until we meet again!

PS. I WILL CONTINUE the dance I have experienced this day, the dance of living in the here and now... of savoring each and every tiny and lovely moment... and of taking nothing for granted. I intend to enjoy more frequently ~ the small things in life.

 I am so excited
to enjoy life more fully
as a result of this! :D

Thank you Sherry!!!


  1. You have a nice flow of words penned there, creating a picture of contentment.

  2. That was just beautiful! You are an incredible writer, LOVED every bit of it. I have a goal this month to write a song. I'm not much of a writer, but I've always wanted to write a song, and inspirational one.
    Anyway, I love your goal of living in the NOW. I need to do more of that.

  3. Anneliese and Crystal - Thanks! :D I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And Crystal... great goal to write a song! That is writing in the most powerful way. I say go for it! You have my best of wishes.


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