Thursday, February 17, 2011

Among the Chaos...

Today is my baby brother David's birthday, so I decided to share something about him. I wanted to do the same on my brother Eli's birthday, but something major got in the way that day, and I've been procrastinating it ever since. :O  Darn!

I gathered all the photos that I could find which were taken while my brother was living with us about 3-4 years ago. Many photos that were taken the year he was with us were accidentally deleted from the computer (the sailing pic's I especially miss), but there were pics from Christmas and Thanksgiving, as well as David's birthday. I'm so thankful for these!

I titled this collage "Among the Chaos" because of the photo of chaos in the center, as well as the chaos of life! Among all the chaos, we built good memories, and family bonds. My kids developed a strong love for their uncle David which I know that will never die.

PS. I We love you, David! :D


  1. Yes you were suppose to laugh at my post today. Are they throwing plates? Man, I want to party at your house :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. Oh how fun! FUN Chaos is allowed, don't you think? the moments are all to be treasured!
    thanks for sharing such laughter...

  3. That must have been fun having your brother live with you. My sister and her family have stayed with us while they were on military leave and we always have BEST time. We'll never forget those times.


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