Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love Letters

Hi. :D

Yesterday was my birthday. Without telling anyone it was my birthday, I dropped by to visit a few friends to "celebrate." They didn't know it; but I did! :D At one home I stayed only a minute because that friend was sick; at another for only a few minutes; and at another home, my friends and I visited for hours. It. was. a. blast. (man I love visiting them)!

But eventually, I knew I needed to get back to another home... the home of my very best friends in the world...

...the home of my family. :)

And I was delighted at what waited for me there. :D My husband and daughter went shopping for ingredients to make a very nice meal which included steak and a green salad. IT was DELICIOUS!

Everyone made love letters or cards for me. And they all went out together and purchased a charm bracelet for me; each one of them chose a charm for the bracelet to represent themselves. I LOVE IT! :D  Don't you just feel loved when people KNOW you, and pay attention to what makes you tick, and give you gifts that are meaningful to you?

We had movie night with popcorn, cake and sherbet (rather than ice cream, simply because my body does better with sherbet than it does with ice cream; THANKS FOR REMEMBERING FAMILY! :D But the best thing of all was just being together and getting those letters and cards! :D Oh... and my wonderful dad wired birthday money to Wal Mart for me!!!! THANK YOU DAD! YOU ROCK!! And my mom called and sang "happy birthday" to me. :) (You're never too old to enjoy that;  I can testify! ;)

I'm going to pile up the love letters to briefly and roughly show you them.... without showing you them. ;)

And though I love them ALL- the inside of one of them, I simply must show. This one was given to me by a young man (youth ;) of few words... who says what he means, and means what he says! When he talks, you listen!

I realize that you have to have an amazing son like I do to even be able to begin to understand how much I appreciate this. :O ~ I must celebrate anyhow! :D

When a totally amazing young man gives you a card like that (never mind that the words are written inside the mouth of something ~  LOL)...

... it tends to melt you like butter on a hot summers day! :)

It tends to reinforce the positive knowledge that LIFE IS REALLY GREAT!

It tends to make you realize how absolutely AMAZING your life is!

It may even tend to make you get a little teary eyed. :)

What a very Happy Birthday to me! :D


  1. I love this-- what a great idea, visiting friends and not sitting around waiting for people to remember your birthday. I love the card with the mouth, that is so clever. happy birthday.

  2. Happy birthday, dear friend...

  3. Deila - Thanks. I have a friend who used to take me out to a fancy restaurant on her birthday. And when I tried to pay for the meal,s she absolutely would not have it. She said she had ben taught to do something nice for her friends for her birthday since she was a child, and she wasn't going to let me take that privilege away from her now. So, I try to do something like that, too. Isn't it great how cool acts of kindness get passed on? :D

    Dear friend,
    Thanks... :D

  4. I' so glad your birthday turned out to be such a jewel! Simple and from the heart is always best :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. What a good idea!! I love that you didn't just sit around and wait!! Great post and Happy Birthday to ya!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, I love being an LDS mom who homeschools! Please, any suggestions you could give me would be great!! THANKS! =)

  7. Hi Naomi :D,

    I'm so excited to have you comment back on this! (I know... I'm SO EASILY EXCITABLE! :D And honestly... I love it this way! :)

    So, what exactly are you looking for suggestions about? (Homeschooling, blogging?) I'm happy to help where ever I can! :)

  8. Naomi - PS Do you have any specific questions I may be able to answer? :)

  9. Happy Birthday! I love that I can read your very insightful blog. I love your enthusiasm and zest. Thanks for following my blog too and for leaving comments. You are so amazing and spread so much joy. Thanks Corine!

  10. Suzanne, you just made my day with your comment here today! :D Thank you so much for your compliments and support; it is so good to know that this blog is a blessing to you in some way. ;)


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