Friday, September 2, 2011

Expressions of Love

Miles and I just celebrated our 22nd anniversary. Twenty two years! Can you believe that? And though I'm sure Miles would have found out where I live and come to me to start the courting process with or without my friend, Karen... I am thankful that Karen obliged his request to take him to my home, I'm thankful that she did! :D

Miles took me to one of my absolute, FA-VOR-ITE places... Spokane River Front Park. Here are a few photos which I took while we were out celebrating together:


I took this photo of my shadow over the water at River Front Park (this is the sort of thing my husband patiently puts up with when ever we are out and about and I have a camera in hand). I held the camera in front of me in one hand, and the other hand held up my awesome little sandals. Isn't it a cool shot? :)

From there, we walked to Anthonys for dinner, and ate OUTSIDE (I LOVE the outdoors! :)...

The view from where we ate overlooked parts of River Front Park and the Spokane Convention Center (I love that place! ~ Good memories ...).

I've decided that I must share a few more photos taken at River Front Park...

 After walking River Front Park that glorious morning, Miles took me to Perkins for breakfast.

The food was SO GOOD! I really wish I had taken photos of our meals. :o Oh well... :) Instead I took a photo of some decorations (I only took one, so as to not embarrass my shy husband. ;o). Miles had scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, and something else. I had scrambled eggs, french toast with strawberries and whipped topping, and something else. :o What ever it was... it was good. :)

After breakfast, I was swept off my feet again and taken to a Japanese Garden. :D

So many photos to share... I think I'll stop posting one by one and make a collage! :)

That's much better. :)

Now, a little about US...
Miles and I were married in the Portland Oregon Temple on August 26th, 1989. Yes, I WAS a baby. :) (According to my husband, I'm still "his baby." According to me, he's the baby! ;o j.k.) Seriously though, this journey of marriage has been quite a roller coaster of a ride for us crazy kids... but hey, after 22 years of marriage, we're learning from each other, rubbing off on each other, ironing out all the wrinkles... and this marriage thing is working out beautifully! :D  I'm so happy to be blessed to be creating an eternal family with this wonderful and amazing man!

Speaking of "babies," the two of us honestly are a couple of kids at heart. Maybe that is why my playful husband keeps asking me the question, "Do you think we'll ever get married?"     I used to answer back something completely boring, like... "already have!" But then I realized he was having a lot of fun with his little game, and I wasn't. Sometime during this past year, though, I finally learned to play back! :D And I'm surprised at how much fun it really is! :) So now days, I teasingly respond back to his teasing with something like, "Oh... I don't know. I'll have to think about it." OR, I might wink at him flirtatiously and say, ;) "I think that can be arranged!" ;) Of course, it's not really what's said, but all in HOW it is said; that makes ALL the difference! :)

This little way of teasing is an example of one of the many little expressions of love which Miles shows to me on a regular basis. Expressing himself is not something which has come naturally for Miles (or maybe... understanding HOW he expressed his love didn't come naturally to me); I have really enjoyed the progression and awesome expansion of ways in which he has come to show love for me over the years. Especially lately; Lately, he has been expressing love for me, more than I ever imagined possible. He smiles at me; tells me he loves me; makes me laugh; serves me; invites me to go everywhere he goes with him (though I don't always get to go, I love that he wants to be with me - and I want to be with him.); he builds me up and tells me that I'm beautiful; holds my hand - always - every where we go, and when we watch a movie together, we do it cuddling... I feel very loved. :) These expressions of love cause me to be VERY happy that I am married to him ~ for eternity! :)

What do you do to show expressions of love to your companion? I am sure I will be watching myself and asking myself this question a lot more often from now on. I hope my husband feels as loved by me, as I feel loved by him - on the best of days!

Wishing us all a day, week, month, life of eyes wide open to seeing and seizing - opportunities to express love, to the people we love. Happy Day Living...

Corine :D

PS. To read about our courtship, click on this link. I wrote about it about a year ago. :)

PPS. f you would like to see a gorgeous photo of the temple we were married in, go to this website: Temples By Tyler - :LDS Temples Photography. These temples are AMAZING! You might want to share this link with your friends. :)


  1. A big congrats! 22 years now a days is rare but it is good to see some hang on to love! Her's to a lifetime of being children @ heart. :)

    As to showing my love... I bend down and give them all dog biscuits. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. Happy Anniversary to you too! You have been married TWICE as long as me -- that's just CRAZY!

    I'm glad you had such a wonderful day .. you deserve it, my friend!

  3. I'm finally getting caught up on the blogs I missed over the weekend...

    Happy 22nd Anniversary! We are right behind you. You guys sound so much like us. I love it. We love to tease each other and play around. My husband will show up at my office when he has a day off and take me to lunch. And we also cuddle and hold hands at the movies. He really is my very best friend and it sounds like your husband is yours too.

    It looks like you had a great Anniversary trip. I'm so excited for you that you could go! I love seeing where people like to go for getaways cause then it gives me ideas! Thanks for sharing all of your pictures. I think you are such a cute couple. :)


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