Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sweet Serendipity ~

Hi! :D I just found this song... (Thanks Valerie!) and I LOVE it!

So I thought I'd share it... :)

Enjoy! :D

PS. I did some MAJOR de-cluttering in my bedroom. I can't wait for my daughter to see it! :D She will be SO proud of me. :)

PPS. Dausen grew this week (I kid u NOT. He is so big I jumped on his back yesterday, and he stayed firm! - true story... ) He is HUGE (OK... so, everyone is huge compared to me. But I think he might be 5 ft 11 now)! I wonder if his twin brother grew this week, too. I'm so excited for all my kids to be home together again!!! :D (two of my kids are out of town together).

BTW. The really cool thing about two of the kids being out of the house is that the two that are home are really bonding. I'm so happy for the little brother whose big brother keeps asking him, "so, what do you want to do?" Music to my ears...  I LOVE my kids!!! :D

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