Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Another Day...

Four months ago, I rejoiced because I discovered (after about 7 weeks of training) that I can run a half marathon...

(sorry, this photo isn't from the half marathon...
My daughter brought a disposable camera, which we still need to develop. :o
So I just stuck this one from the triathlon here... :)
Today, I ran about 13 miles, then worked at the Family Research Center, then went shopping, and am now getting ready to go out of town in the morning. Today was just another day. A week ago today I did pretty much the same things I did today, with a 12 mile run. I was a little stiff that day (not very common any more), but today I feel totally and completely normal.

So... Today, I rejoice because running 13 miles is no longer big, because running 13 miles is now one of the simple weekly pleasures in my life, because running 13 miles, is...  - just another run on an ordinary day!  :)

Today, I am rejoicing because I think it is SO COOL to run this many miles, on a normal, busy day, and NOT have it be a big deal/accomplishment. The fact that running is NOT being a big deal... IS a big deal!  :D

LOVE the simple pleasures each day brings! :D

Corine :D


  1. Yes, that's very cool! Congrats! :-)

  2. Oh! So true! I'm so happy for you that you can do that. I can't run except for a short sprint from the car to the house when it is raining! Ha!

    I hope you have a good trip this weekend!

  3. That is awesome! I hope I can get back to that point one day soon. After baby has been hard and I am to tired and not motivated...hopefully soon!

  4. Thanks, Laura! :D I hope your fitness goals are going well...

    Thanks, Julie! :D I think it's worth celebration. :)

    Ginger - Ha ha! Now I KNOW that has to be an exaggeration!!!! And thanks for your wishes... the trip went GREAT! :)

    Hi Kendra. :) It is so good that you have the goal to get back to exercise after recovering from having your baby. It just floors me how so many women think that exercise is ONLY for a woman seeking a mate - and doesn't matter after marriage; how selfish and mean to her husband, as well as foolish and harmful to herself! Good for you for seeking balance and not being an idle woman!

    Hugs to all... :)
    Corine :D

  5. you know, that is a great accomplishment, not easy to do with being a mom!

  6. Thanks Deila. :) Truthfullly though, getting out to exercise is something I LOVE to do, and makes me a happier person and thus, a better mom. :) And it really isn't difficult any more, perhaps simply because it is such a high priority for me knowing that I'm much nicer to be around when I live an active lifestyle. I feel incredibly blessed! :)


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