Monday, January 25, 2016

Little is Big :)

Hi. :) Today was my day off work. I had a million things I wanted to do... and did NOT get very far on that list. However... I did do a few things, which I consider SO IMPORTANT, that I consider the day a great success! :D

I read Levi's two newest chapters in the book he is writing with him and helped him edit them for grammatical errors. (He is awesome, by the way... Oh and so is his book! I really am proud of that kid!)

I went for a run. (Yeah! :D)

I read letters from my daughter and wrote a letter to my daughter on her mission! :D (I love you, Mindy!!!!)

I made a very delicious chicken noodle soup for the family, along with s'mores cupcakes for a FHE treat. (I LOVE my homemade scratch soups! :D This one I did a little differently. I used rosemary, thyme, oregano, a little dill, a dash of cayenne pepper, LOTS of green chilies, a little Thrive peas... other than that everything I did was the same as usual. But MAN was it GOOD!)

I prepared a FHE lesson on living the gospel of Jesus Christ more fully in our lives – by improving our thoughts each day to FOCUS and THINK more about our Savior's gospel, and about people and how much they matter. It really made me think about the importance of PONDERING the gospel principles throughout each day and inspired ME. :) I hope it inspired my kids, too. :)

We had a really fun GAME NIGHT competition as a family after the lesson! Miles picked up some mini games and three bottles of strawberry milk for participating boys, and one large bottle of strawberry milk for the first place winner. There was A LOT of fun and laughter going on in the house tonight! :D Oh how I LOVE those sounds!!!

My only regret is that I did NOT run and grab the camera!!! :( I thought about it, several times. But I couldn't get away from the fun to go get it. :( *sniffle *sniffle Oh well. I'm getting used to this failure of mine. :( At least we learned and had fun!!! :D

LOL - Wow! Not taking photos is my ONLY regret from today! I didn't clean my bedroom (though I thought I must). I didn't fold the clean towels. I didn't finish that project that has been strewn all over the kitchen table off and on for the past couple weeks (which I keep having to move for mealtimes). I didn't get the Christmas decorations put away! LOL I didn't do several other things which I determined MUST be done today, either. And yet, as I reflected over the day, my only "regret" was not taking photos of the fun we had!

As I contemplate this day, this realization, AND MY LIFE... it becomes clear to me that among all the chaos and business of life and among all the things that DON'T get done... all that matters is that the few TRULY important things DO get done! THESE are the things that make a day feel productive and meaningful!

SUCCESS in the little things - 


Yesterday, I decided to go over my "daily schedule" again, and just recommit to doing the little tiny things that are so important. I did this, because I have been too busy, and too stressed, and feeling unaccomplished. And I KNEW that if I just did what truly mattered, that I would relax more and find more meaning and purpose in my life again. And I did. :) Today was as deficient as every other day I have had lately, where the list of "to do's" far our weighed the list of things checked off the list. But today I feel fulfilled.

Today, in doing the little things (and not trying to do everything!), I finally, in just one day, found a way to relax and find success in life again. Today, by doing just a few small things, I lived a very BIG day, indeed...  :) And so did my husband Miles. ;) Together, we did what truly mattered. :)

I hope you, too, have many truly successful days!
Corine :)

"By small and simple things, are great things brought to pass." Alma 37:6

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