Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Miracle Cure for Chasing Away the Winter Blues! ;)

Hi. :) An interesting thing has been happening to me lately.

I have been feeling... I'm not sure how to describe this feeling – it isn't REALLY depression. There are no negative thoughts or list of things that I'm sad or discouraged about, but it's kind of LIKE depression – with a total lack of any apparent reason for feeling so. (It can be so frustrating!)

Anyhow, I sat at the kitchen table this evening with my meal planning stuff strewn all over the place (recipe books, pages of old menus etc.). I was absolutely fine. Then THAT AWFULF FEELING hit me again. I immediately looked up and noticed that I couldn't see outside the front window. It was dark. And I realized THAT is WHEN it always happens.

VERDICT: Depression (or something I don't like) comes on me when it is DARK!

So I sat pondering this phenomenon, and I remembered something. It was whispered in my mind,

“Darkness is merely the absence of light.”

And then I thought to myself,

“And sorrow, or emptiness, is the lack of happiness, or something beautiful and good...”

I looked around at my home...


*silent (empty of joyful for productive activity)

*dirty (not terrible, but floors not vacuumed)

There was seriously NOTHING light and beautiful going on to rejoice about! :o

So I figured that maybe to get rid of this feeling of sad nothingness, I just needed to surround myself with something good and happy. Maybe some lights and happy music. And take care of myself...

Sounds simple enough, (you know the motto! “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” Alma 37:6)

So that's what I did. :)

Me - Chasing away the winter blues! ;)

I ran around the block (feeling I didn't have TIME for a long workout, but knowing I needed to do SOMETHING, no matter how small); then I went to my bedroom, (away from the big window of darkness with no curtain to shut it out); turned on some beautiful, classical, instrumental music; and went to work cleaning my bedroom.

The feeling of sad emptiness LEFT. And instead I felt ABSOLUTELY HAPPY AND WONDERFUL! It was amazing! :D (By the way, while I cleaned my room, my twins came out of their room to do their chores and vacuumed; After the house was clean I felt triple happy! ;D)

I hope this works EVERY TIME! Hehe! :D I may have just found a miracle cure to the winter blues! :D

PS. I think little children are a cure for the winter blues, too (maybe - ?). In any case, having them in a home is a blessing. That way there is ALWAYS something WONDERFUL going on! Even if they are sick or tired or cranky... THEY ARE something wonderful! I have no little more little ones. Sigh. Mine are all big and grown and you never know when they will be here or gone. (They are truly awesome though! :D)

PPS. Since I can't "make" (he he) more children (at my age it's just not the right solution)... I think I'll make some curtains this weekend. ;)

Wishing you happiness...
Corine :D

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