Friday, May 21, 2010

Devry and Dausen are Looking Good! (Or so I hear :)

Not too long ago, I had a little fun telling everyone about a couple of interesting things that happened. We were all kneeling together for family prayer when I decided to share the hearsay.

“Devry, had an interesting thing happen to him today.” I told the family. “He and Shawn were at the checkout getting bolts at Ace Hardware for the scooter the're making when Devry realized he was 25 cents short.

He asked Shawn for a quarter, but a woman behind them handed Devry a dollar bill and a smile. Devry thanked her, paid for the bolts and offered the change back to the woman. The delightful woman told Devry to "keep the change."

Shawn was really jealous and chose not to contain himself. “No way! Not again! Everyone is always doing stuff like that for Devry!”

The woman smiled again and told Shawn, "That’s because he’s cute. :)"

Everyone laughed. "Ooh! Devry’s cute!" :D

“That’s right,” I told them, “And evidently, Dausen is, too. Today, while we were out, I ran into a friend who hadn't yet met you kids. She was looking at the boys, then turned and saw me walking towards her.

"Hi!" She called out to me. Then began jerking her head gently in the direction of the boys… and quickly and quietly asked, "Are those your twins?"

“Yep, those are them!” I told her.

Her mouth fell open in disbelief as she continued to whisper, "They look exactly alike!"

“You think so?” I asked, thinking of how different they look to me.
She then got a bit quieter as one of her eyebrows raised and the look of an infatuated teenager swept across her face, "Yes. And," she paused with emphasis here... "they’re REALLY handsome!"

I thought about the zits and the long hair, then, with my puzzled expression which I simply could not help making, asked questioningly, “Really?”

"Oh yeah!" Came her reply as her head shook up and down in earnest. "They are REALLY GOOD LOOKING boys."

“Oh. Thank you.” I told her, as I waved good bye, stunned.

I walked away thinking about the expression on that 50 some year old woman’s face when she told me how good looking those 15 year old boys were. What. A. Hoot! :D

Anyhow... Dausen seemed to handle the flattering story just fine; but Devry, being four shades of red by now, quickly folded his arms and begin praying without a moment’s hesitation or warning.

I added a PS to the end of Devry's prayer... “And thank you for my good looks. Amen.”

I don’t imagine I’ll ever let those boys forget that story; at least, not as long as the reminder elicits blushing. ;)

PS. (I had a recent photo of them... but not a very good one, so I removed it. :O I really need to get back to taking photos! Stay tuned... I'll post photos as soon as I get some taken. :)


  1. Ha, ha. That is funny. I love embarrassing my kids too, so I say let them blush!

  2. It is the perogative of the parent to embarrass our kids. Good job mom!!


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