Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Homeschooling moments... Government Class

Hi. I have been thinking about sharing some of the things we are doing in homeschooling on my blog site. And since my boys made really cool diagrams of our Government - I decided now was a good time to start! ;) We didn't finish them yet (we still need to add checks and balances) but I figured... what the heck! I'll show you now. We may do a completely different thing for checks and balances, anyhow.

Just so you know... we have been studying the Constitution and were reviewing the first three Articles. I told the boys to write or draw something to summarize the three branches of government in a way that will help them to remember the structure of our government.

Devry got creative and started drawing a tree. I was so excited about it that I told the other boys to do the same. The older boys got ideas from each other, so theirs are quite similar, but there are differences. I am so impressed with what they came up with! I think you might be, too.

Enjoy! :D

I just have to say I love the way Levi placed the people - the voting people - on the base or foundation of the tree on which the government hangs. I think he understands "We the people" much better than the government does, and that the government is there "for the people" not the other way around.

Yeah Levi! And Yeah to his brothers for their great ideas as well!

They all came up with different ideas and shared them with each other; that is why they are so much alike. But none of it came from me. I just told them to draw or write about the structure of our government in a way that would help them to remember it. I'm impressed with what they came up with. :)


  1. Love these! I am definitely going to show them to Richard when he gets home.
    You are awsome.

  2. Thanks! :D - I am proud of my boys. I taught some boy scouts about the US Constitution today to help them with their Citizenship Merit Badge and showed them these when talking about the first three Articles. A few people were really excited about them and asked for copies (one being a mom getting ready to homeschool her kids). I thought that was neat. I think my son started a trend in a new way to diagram and study the 3 branches of government! Those Aspergers kids... they really have it going on! ;)


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