Sunday, May 23, 2010

Follow-up on the " 'Money Saving' Spending" Blog ;)

For anyone who is curious... we made $63.75 in bubblegum sales at the Boy Scout Jamboree Saturday, and we still have a machine full of gum. Yeah! So, that $100.00 splurge I wrote about in this blog really was a wise investment after all. :D Man I'm good! ;0 ~ Only $36.25 to go... and I will have gotten all my money back, and will still have a bubble gum machine and 611 pieces of bubblegum remaining from the origional 1011 pieces. :)

PS. There is so much going on here at home right now... I'm in survival mode so haven't been making time to blog. I'll tell you all about it as soon as I can. Life is AWESOMELY BUSY right now.

TTFN! Corine ;)


  1. Hey, you take your time. I want a bubblegum machine. Maybe I can pay my kids quarters for chores, and then they'll pay for bubblegum, and I'll get the quarters back, so I'll then have more quarters to pay them for more chores. Dia-freakin-bolical, I tell ya. I love myself. :)

  2. :D LOL ~ Thanks for the tip, Lori - I LOVE IT!

    My kids don't get an allowance... but I do pay them for doing "extra" work; and I'm now thinking quarters are just the currency I need to use! ;) So again... thanks for the tip; I'm lovin' ya too! :D


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