Friday, May 14, 2010

The Beauty of Blessings

May 13, 2010

I am sitting in the peaceful quiet of the evening, soaking in all the beauty around me. The front rooms are clean - only one chore remains to be done. It is the chore I silently added to the list; they must have gone on memory and not read it.

My 15 year old boys are in their bedroom. I go to their room to tell one of them about the chore I added to his list. I open the door and prepare to speak ~ suddenly I stop myself.

The twins are kneeling on the floor together speaking in a quiet whisper. There is a feeling of reverence. In their hands are their Patriarchal Blessings; I know I have interrupted a reverent moment.

I apologize for the interruption, tell them I love them, and close the door.

I walk to the front room and sit down to the family computer which sits upon the beautiful new desk. I count my blessings as I remember how messy our front room looked before with just a table and all the homescholing supplies in site; I look with awe at the beautiful clean look that now fills the room. Papers and books are behind closed doors and cupboards, save the few that I proudly display within marble bookends; there is now room for plants and other beautiful decorations to go with all the practical necessities. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

As awe struck as I am about the physical beauty which has just increased in our front room - I am more amazed by the beauty of my youth.

I think again about my twin boys sitting reverently and reading their blessings. I think of my daughter who also cherishes her blessing, and of the 12 year old who is anxious to receive his Patriarchal Blessing; he doesn't want to wait until the recommended age of 14. I remember telling him to prepare well with daily prayer and scripture study, and by always striving to listen to the spirit and do Heavenly Father's will and not his own; and then, I tell him, he will be ready for more counsel. I remember him coming to me a few days later and telling me he is keeping track of his daily scripture study; he has read three days in a row so far.

I am in awe. There is so much beauty; there are so many blessings. Life Is Beautiful. I am at peace.


  1. Remember this beautiful moment. It will help carry you through the moments that seem a little tougher.

    That sounded pessimistic. I didn't mean it that way. I just know that these types of moments that I hold dear to my heart sustain me through the hard times. Thanks for sharing. Now, can you come clean my house? I'd like some of that!! :D

  2. Rachel - No worries about it sounding pesimestic... I AGREE! That's why I wrote this, to remind me of this moment when it fades away! LOL :D

    PS. If only we lived in the same state - then we could clean our houses together! Oh well!

  3. I love those moments when our kids surprise us by doing things that seem older and wiser beyond their years. It makes the hard days of mothering worth it.

    I agree. We all need to live closer together...Corine, there is a house behind me for sale and Rachel is right down the street! :)

  4. Natale ~ LOL :D I love that you mentioned the house for sale behind your house... and Rachel living near you! We women would have such fun together!! But... where's the water? I think you gals will have to come visit me over here! :D Seriously... let's find an excuse!

    As for "these moments," YES! When the munchkins turn back into "monsters" (did I just write that? Not mine, of course... mine are practically perfect... ;) ha! ha! LOL) (or in Rachel's case, "natives" LOL,) we really need memories like this one to dwell upon! :) Do you have a nick name for your munchkins? Yours aren't perfect... are they? Because if they are you're kicked out of the club. Mine aren't perfect - just PRACTICALLY perfect. (just kidding! ;)



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