Monday, May 31, 2010

Spiritual Sunday ~ Thornless Roses

I read from a blog in which the author (Ambitious April) writes something of a spiritual or inspirational nature some Sundays; she calls them her "Spiritual Sunday" blogs. I hope it is not rude for me to copy her idea, because I want to. So here is my first Spiritual Sunday blog. I hope these turn out to be uplifting and inspiring and that someone enjoys reading them as much as I'm sure I will enjoy writing them. Here is my first "Spiritual Sunday" blog... :)

We all huddled around the computer recently as Mindy showed us videos that she made (she has incredible video creating talent) along with a couple of others. One of them really got me thinking... and really shook me. I knew the tragic story that the video was based on... but the music somehow made it all so much more real and tangible; it made the story come alive in the world I live in and caused me to reflect upon my life and the lives of others around me (as well as in the cyberspace world). I could see certain things more deeply than I ever had before. My views changed. Caution increased within me. Likes and desires changed. I changed.

I used to LOVE the song Fame (I think part of me still does... but not for the same reasons). Somehow when I would hear and sing it I felt on top of the world. There was an element of glory and pride that I felt from that song that prior to today... I loved.

But today, I find myself shying away from it (no... running from it!), bothered to realize that I actually craved or desired to have a certain amount of glory in my life. What a scary realization. Now I DON'T want it! Looking at history... at this video my daughter showed us... and looking at the whole packaged deal that comes with glory ~ of how glory corrupts people and destroys lives. I don't want it! My views and desires have changed. I have changed. It feels great! Life is really great! :D

One of the things I try to do in life, as I talk to people, as I write blogs, with everything... is to keep things real. I think a lot of people live an imaginary life to the rest of the world. Everything they show about their lives is perfect; life is depicted as nothing but roses. You know the type - you mention the rough times starting out in your marriage, and they tell you they never went through that. Finances were never tough for them. Their marriage was always perfect. And their kids are straight A students who have never done a thing wrong in their lives. But is it really true? HECK NO!

I remember reading from a blog that made it seem like life for that family was incredibly perfect. They were all perfect and life was a breeze... or so it seemed. Then something happened and I learned about something that was truly happening in the family; there was a lot of stress and hardship. They were actually normal people; they just didn't want anyone to know it. I can't help wondering why. What is so bad about being normal anyway? Is it because people honestly believe that some people have perfect lives... or that they somehow have to have perfect lives to be of interest or value to others?

I have a really good life. But it isn't a bowl of cherries, and there are thorns among the roses in the garden of my life. I don't emphasize the thorns because they aren't worth focusing on or fusing over... it won't help me, and it won't help you. But I'm not about to pretend they aren't there, and I think it is sometimes good to talk about how we overcome and of the good that comes from the thorns of life. But to pretend that hardships, struggles and weaknesses don't exist is a lie that only bad can come from.

After being reminded that the "perfect family" wasn't really perfect... I thought of of a few reasons that some people do this, and of a few reasons why I should remember to keep - keeping it real! (Though there must be balance; I wouldn't want to gossip about my family just to keep it real!)

I was listening to the song from the video that my daughter edited (she took out the profanity for her own use). The words in that song got me thinking about all the people who live a lie in effort to look good to others... for pride, for fame, for glory... never realizing that the price is ultimately giving up their happiness.

I was going to share the video on my blog... but I don't want to share profanity, and the edited version can not legally be shared. But I will tell you a few of the messages contained in the song. You may want to ask yourself as you read this if you have ever come across anyone who seems to live their life in this way. Hopefully you won't be too familiar with it. ;)

Here are a few paraphrased messages:
  • Lies are entertainment...(the author lived a lie; one purpose was to entertain himself and others)
  • The song author stated that he gave up "everything" for fame/to be praised... 
  • The song author states something about entertaining with lies; and of how people love his lies and practically go to their knees begging him for more. (Sad. I wonder if the ones begging for more know that they are lies).
OK - I think I can stop there. In the course of the video (which summarizes the life of the song author and how his life changes as he pursues fame and glory at all cost) you see a person who starts out as a really decent person who is genuinely good. But little by little he makes choices that cause him to become more concerned with being praised and having fame and glory than he is about anything else. Eventually, he also becomes obsessed. The obsession and glory lead to his ruin, and he looses everything good in his life to have them... including happiness, and eventually his life.

It is a tragic story but one worth gaining a lesson from. I wonder how often we do small things that might put us on a path that isn't right... for the sake of looking good to others (pride) or for praise, glory or honors of men. At the time these decisions may not seem like a big deal... but they are soul corrupting experiences that lead to eventual ruin.

Call me a fanatic if you want to... but I will never forget that lesson I received in Sunday school as a child in which a long straight stick was used to depict a path, and of how when the beginning of the path was altered by only a small fraction of an inch, the end of the path led to a whole other realm.

That lesson has stuck with me, and I strive to never deviate from any course that isn't going to lead me straight back to heaven and happiness... even in the smallest fraction of a degree...

Enough rambling for today. I hope that as you live your life you enjoy it to the fullest and don't allow yourself to be fooled into thinking that anyone's life is perfect... or better than yours. And I hope you won't give in to temptations to make your life seem like a rose without thorns.

A loving Father in Heaven gave each and every one of us the tools and talents we need for a life that will give us the greatest happiness possible for us... not for anyone else. But even with the perfect tools... life is designed to have it's challenges and struggles (that's why we have tools)! No one need envy you... and you need not envy any anyone else.

And an honest person who acknowledges the thorns among the roses and accepts them completely is indeed - a far more content and happy person than one who seeks thornless roses, or pretends to have them.

Happy life gardening!

Corine ;D

PS. I hope your Sabbath has been spiritual, and that you love your life!


  1. Beautiful post.

    I wrote a post titled "instead of" -- and it was about emphasizing what we can do versus where we fall short. I think, as a society, we excuse ourselves all too much -- thus the emphasis on thorns. And it that light-- that's what I loved your post.


  2. Rachel - Thanks for your comment! :D I'm so glad you enjoyed reading; please come back for more! I am anxious to read your post titled "instead of." In case you're interested, I am in the process of writing a new Page on my blog along these same lines; you may like it. Hope to see you again. :D

  3. It's the beat. Love the beat to the song Fame. :)

    I understand what you are saying here. There have been times on my blog when I think, do people really want to listen to the dredge again??? But it is life and it has ups and downs and I think we can all learn and grow as we watch each other make our way through those ups and downs...

    There is a blog I used to follow that was much the same as you mentioned and after awhile.....I quit reading. It was all fairy tales. And we all know, fairy tales don't exist. Reality exists. Thank goodness!!! Or I'd have to shoot myself. :D

  4. Hi Rachel! :D You are so right... it is the beat (I LOVE IT!)

    And about the fairy tales... A.M.E.N. The sooner we figure that out and stop expecting life to be a fairy tale, the sooner we can be OK with our own "non"-fairy tale life and then move on to being THANKFUL FOR IT!

    And about having to shoot yourself if fairy tales did exist in comparison to our "reality" lives... LOL! I love the way you express yourself... I wish we lived in the same state!

    Thanks for your comment! Corine :D


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