Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gifts From Christ this Year at Christmas Time... :)

Hello, and Merry Christmas! :D

I'm experiencing somewhat, an overflow of emotions right now. I am more thankful than I ever have been, for the life that I have. I used to think myself such an optimist. I've still so much to learn.

I spent the day with an amazing woman yesterday, my new friend, Valerie. She is mother to 11, a woman who began learning to ski at the age of 40 (perhaps that will be me... provided I begin this winter, or before my birthday next winter ;), began triathlons only in the past 5 years, and has already won first place on one of them!! And most important, she is one of the SWEETEST, KINDEST, woman I have had the privilege of getting to know!!! I am so excited to get to become friends with her!!!! :D

We all had SO MUCH FUN! My youngest son made snow forts and went sledding with Valarie's youngest son... and later with we women after we got back from snow shoeing. We then soaked in a hot tub outside among the snow. :D It was AWESOME! (I had never been in a hot tub in the winter before. I LOVED it! :D

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy being around Valerie! And her family are wonderful, too. My children and their friends were also impressed. The older boys talked for some time on the way home about how kind this woman's young adult children (ages 18-21) were to them. These young women took my older boys and their friends (ages 14-16) under their wings and took them snow boarding for the first time.

These young women may have had more fun had they taken off on their own and skied on such an incredibly beautiful and sunny day, (with perfect snow, I might add) but instead they stayed with these young boys to teach and coach, and be there for them. One of the girls even traded snowboards with one of my sons who was frustrated. She never criticized him for being frustrated, but instead gave up her own personal snowboard so he could have a better experience. She did this for a boy she doesn't know, and may never see again (as she is off to college again in January). My sons went on and on about several very kind and selfless acts of service that these girls performed for them. It was SO COOL, to hear these boys praising these wonderful people for their kindness. I'm so happy and so thankful that they appreciate so the value of kindness!! :D

I am especially thankful right now for the changes of perspectives that have taken root inside of me. I am humbled greatly by my friend's example. I used to be more like her. More kind and mild mannered than I now consider myself (OK, I'm still kind, but I have another side I wish to dispose of now as well!). I was extremely patient, and immediately forgiving. (Wow... what a cool person I was! ;) LOL!
There were negative aspects of my being though. I was easily pushed around. I didn't know how to stand up for myself. I was a target for abuse in many ways and on many occasions.

But eventually, I learned to stand up for myself. I learned to stop allowing others to abuse me, or to rule over me in dominance. I learned to respect not only others, but also myself. In making these positive changes, however, I hope I did not go too far. I hope I did not lose the very kind sweetness I see in my new friend. I think that I have become so bold that I have also become overbearing at times.

But I am not discouraged. I have experienced not just the challenges, but also the best of two sides of a plank... and now I will learn to walk with balance from the best of both worlds.

I will be bold, but not overbearing. I will show total respect to others, as well as for myself. I will take the best of the best parts of me at various times in life, and I will create in me a new person, far better than I ever was and far better than I am now. And this will become the new me. :) (Yes, I am ambitious! But I have a life time to accomplish this! ;)  I am so excited!!! :D

I suppose this is the main gift that Christ gives to me this year at the season of His birth (in addition to the wonderful gift of having a new friend). He has given me the gift to see... even more than He has already in past blessed me to see ~ potential, and to believe in it. Potential in me, potential in my family, potential in EVERYONE.

Christ believes in us... so much that He suffered both body and soul for us. So much that He gave his life, each and every day and each and every moment of every day while living, and then again while dying... so that we can become all that He believes we can become. And then He gave the gift of resurrection.

He loves us. He treats us with kindness, love, and respect, even when we deserve it least. And now, He is helping me to continue believing in my family, and in myself to such a great extent that I am overwhelmed with awe and emotion. And with gratitude and joy. And with hope!  :)

Once again, it is His birth, and yet I receive the gifts. And once again, I desire to bless others, and I am blessed.

May you too, feel of His great love for you during this holiday season. This is my prayer for you. :)

Corine :D


  1. What a beautiful post and great pictures!

    Thank you for stopping by. Come on back anytime!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  2. And a very Merry Christmas to you too!

    You're a good person and your new friend is blessed getting to know YOU!!

  3. Flowering Mama - Right back at you all the way!!! ;D

    Rachel - LOL ~ Boy do I ever have you snowed! ;D Thanks a million! :D I know I would enjoy it if we lived near enough to each other to hang out together! Merry Christmas to YOU, Rachel!!! :D

  4. Wow, what a beautiful sentiment and I agree; we are ALL so blessed from the gift Of God...thank you!

  5. Tracy - You are SO welcome! :) Merry Christmas! :D

  6. I made a few additions to this post, today. I had added insight about my boys, so I added a bit in. Just a note.


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