Friday, December 24, 2010

How Many Men Does it Take to Start a Car?

I am SO happy to have found this photo - with 5 men! :)
(photo found on
The most wonderful thing happened tonight. My daughter and I went out together to finish our Christmas shopping, and right in the Target parking lot our Suburbans battery died. And when I say, "died" I mean, it didn't even hick up! A series of amazing events took place which are all so cool that I am totally anxious to relate them to you.

First of all, Mindy and I realized that the battery wasn't working before we even entered the store because the doors wouldn't lock. I then checked the light, and it too stopped working. We figured that the battery must have died just after we parked and decided to just go ahead and shop and just ask someone for a jump start when we were ready to go.

This we did. On our way out the door, I asked the first person I saw. A man who came out of the door just behind me. He was happy to help out, and interestingly, he was parked RIGHT NEXT TO US! Yeah, I know. God really loves us! :D How convenient for us all!

The next cool little miracle came when after a few minutes of this kind man trying to charge our battery, another man came by and asked if he, too could help out. Of cours I was happy to let him help out! I told him what was happening, and he drove his car over close to mine and placed a second set of jumper cables on top of the first... just to speed things up for us. :D Yeah... that's what I thought! Pretty cool, eh?

By the way, how many men might have walked past and seeing that someone was already helping, would have kept on going? I'm not sure how many did that, but I do know this... FIVE men, DIDN'T walk on by! That's right. A few minutes later THREE MORE MEN came by to help us out. They asked if they could help, and I explained to them that the battery just wouldn't charge, and if they had any ideas of what could be causing this, they were welcome to help out, too. And they cheerfully did so!

All five of these men tinkered with the Suburban and put their heads together to figure out what the problem was, and they weren't about to leave until that Suburban started! :D Can I just tell you how much I enjoyed that?

I was totally "wow"ed! And I must tell you, it absolutely drove me batty that I still have NOT purchased as small compact camera to put in my purse for such occasions! :O  I really wanted a photo of those wonderful men to place on my blog!!! And, just so you know... they would have let me do it, too. I asked if they minded if I blogged this, with a photo of them, and they all said "sure!" But alas, I had no camera.

If only I hadn't been so naughty this year, Santa may have brought me a camera for Christmas... but I"m sure to get coal instead! :O ~ Oh well! I won't let that stop me. ;) I've GOT to get a small camera to take places with me! :D

PS Anyone have any suggestions for a GOOD camera that fits into a purse? It has to take good clear photos. I've been spoiled by my Rebel XTI, so a crummy camera just won't do. It doesn't have to take long shots though... just close shots for moments like I had today for emergency photos which can be taken at no other time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. THANKS! :D

PPS I hope you all have awesome holiday miracles in your lives this year too! Let me know if you write about any; I would love to read about it! :D Thanks!



  1. How cool is have 5 men helping you? Some days it's hard to get anyone to help!
    I have a little Kodak digital camera I keep with me. It doesn't take long shots well at all, but the close-up ones look great!
    Sounds like your battery needed some water or the posts needed cleaning..or maybe your alternator?? (I say all this like I'm a mechanic? haha) I was in that position the other day...but I was lucky to be in my driveway, so the hubby took care of it.
    Hope it's running good for you now!
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Thanks, Tina! I do appreciate the reply! My son used to have a Kodak, and we loved it. What kind do you have (there are so many models).

    By the way, isn't that cool that so many people stopped to help? My daughter and I thought it was the COOLEST thing EVER! As it turned out, it was just a connection issue, not with the battery, but with something that made it's way to the battery (I really can't talk like I know anything about vehilces! Good for you!). There were too many people there for me to get my nose in the way to see what was happening to be sure... no complaints of course! ;) We drove around after it was fixed and had no problems. Yeah!

    Thank you for your comment, and Merry Christmas to you! :D

  3. That is cool! It's so nice when something like that happens and gives you the opportunity to pay it forward.

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Boy, what a blessed and fortunate thing all of those men were there to help! Doesn't life just give you some wonderful unexpected surprises at time? I'm so thankful there were men to help!
    I love reading your posts :)
    Merry Christmas!

  5. FM - Yes!:D The chance to pay it forward is just what I look forward to! I phoned my mom today and told her that I will never pass by someone again on the pretense that others are already helping. It wasn't until the 5th man arrived that things were figured out. I learned that you just never know when the one person who is needed - IS YOU!

    Merry Christmas! :D

    Tracy - Yes! :D ~ I LOVE surprise blessings. :) I love them so much that I'm glad the car broke down... just so I could witness such kindness! LOL :D Oh, and thank you for letting me know that you love to read my posts. I love that! I'm so happy to be blessed to write things that you and others can enjoy. :D

    Merry Christmas! :D

  6. Awesome! Those are the kind of stories I like to hear!!

  7. What a great story. 5 men...that is very cool for sure. I love your stories. I love nikon's coolpix for a point and shoot.

  8. No camera ideas but way cool on the men stopping by! Must be because of two pretty ladies. :D

  9. Kendra, Life with Kishon, and Rachel...

    Thanks so much for your comments and camera ideas! :D


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