Friday, March 25, 2011

Do You Ever Feel Inadequate?

Do you ever feel inadequate? Do you ever look at your responsibilities and feel overwhelmed by the impossibility of the task?

Are things expected of you, which are far greater than what you have to offer?

Sunday we had a great lesson in Sunday School about the small boy who gave Christ 5 loaves of barley bread and 2 small fishes, so Christ could use it to feed the multitude of over 5 thousand persons... until they were all full. I was touched. I took a few notes. And one of my notes said this on the side, "*Blog this."

But then I forgot all about it. Until today, when I felt a nudge from within me telling me to go read from a particular blog. I immediately went there and jumped over to a post the author wrote last Sunday about the story of Christ feeding the multitude with one boys meager portion of food. So here I am to write that post. :D

The mentioned story is taken from the 6th chapter of the book of John. I took brief notes about the details, number of fish, loaves, people, etc. And then I wrote this note to myself:
"What are the small gifts that I possess which I can offer up to bless many?"
 Making a difference in the world isn't about how amazing we are. We don't have to be superior or amazing, really (no one is superior anyhow). Making a difference in the lives of many is about offering up to Christ, the small gifts and blessings that He has already blessed us with, so He can perform miracles and multiply our small gifts to share with others.

I know this sounds simplistic.

I hope it doesn't sound like a fantasy of an ignorant fool.

I believe it is truth...

I believe it is a simple principle of truth that was put into the scriptures so that we would realize the power we have to help many, if we will simply offer up our small abilities to the Lord.

He is the one who performs the miracles. He is the one who makes it possible for us to do the simple things we do, and for great things to come from them. It is in our limited state, and humble lacking, that Christ is able to make His power and love for all of us evident. It is in our limited and humble state that Christ is able to bless us to know how much we need Him; it blesses us to have the need to "Come unto Him" and develop the relationship we need to be eternally happy - a relationship WITH HIM.

Have you ever been asked to do something that really scared your sock off? Maybe you were asked to lead a group in your community, or to do a calling in church that you didn't think was possible for you to perform. How about being a mom? Or a Dad? A good supportive sister, or brother? Or maybe your position at work or school is a big one, and you don't feel quite up to the task. Do you ever feel inadequate?

This story is Christ's way of showing us that when we have tasks to fill which are far greater than what we can possibly possess to offer up... if we will offer up the small meager talents, abilities, possessions, whatever small gifts we have to offer... in His name, He will perform miracles to make our small offerings multiply until they are MORE THAN enough.

He will multiply our gifts to fill others, as well as ourselves.

One of my favorite quotes speaks of how all that we do affects others. We don't realize the extent that we effect others. Even just affecting one person affects many, as that one person goes on to affect others, and they in turn pass on the gift that was passed on to them.
"There's a ripple effect in all that we do. What you do touches me; what I do touches you."
I wrote another note at the bottom of my Church Journal at the end of this lesson. It reads,
"A willing, obedient servant is blessed. All things are possible with Christ."
ALL THINGS. The father who struggles to provide for his family' the mother who seeks patience and wisdom to raise happy, healthy children; the teacher who struggles to teach the child with acute disabilities, whatever it is he/she must know; the President, who has so many who depend upon him/her to fulfill needs and carry out responsibilities which seem impossible...

All of this can be accomplished if we will do our work with a prayer of faith, that Jesus Christ will multiply our efforts and make them enough.

I am encouraged to not worry about how little I might think I have to offer to others; I don't have to be a perfect wife, mother, daughter, teacher, friend, person, etc. to be a blessing to others.

I don't have to feel inferior to any task... I am not alone. I'm encouraged to simply share all that I can, and be rest assured that God will perform miracles with my small offerings, so that in the end my offerings will be more than enough. :)

PS  I LOVE blogging! :D I love the way the lord uses blogging to give us daily opportunities to bless and lift each other.... to nourish and strengthen one another.

My gratitude goes out to the boy with the bread man with the blog, who fed me with his post, and reminded me to write this one. :) He may never see this, but if he does... Thanks again! :D

Corine :D


  1. thank you for this corine!
    i feel inadeqate ALL THE TIME....especially now with this disease going on... it has thrown me for a huge ol loop...but i keep reminding myself that He has a purpose and He is using me for that purpose... and it may not ever be for me to know what it is... i only hope that my going through this is helping others in some way...

    thank you! you write such encouraging things that help me out and they seem to come just when i need them.... aemure

  2. Corine,
    Gosh, did this speak to me this today. I've not had a good week for a multitude of reasons and I'm typically pretty confident. But with all the things that have gone wrong, it seemed God was teaching me a lesson-- humility? perhaps? it's okay not to be perfect? probably but gosh, I had when those lessons smack me in the back of my head...okay, I get it, I get it~ now what to do about it?

    So when you ask....Do you ever feel inadequate? Yeah, I'm feeling it right now!
    thanks Corine, for an eye opening post and I'll be back to read it again! and the reminder...

  3. Inadequate? Lots of times when I look at my friends' accomplishments. But, then I look at my kids and think - I must have done something right!

    Thanks for the provocative post!

  4. Gosh, Sherry, I'm so sorry about the struggles you are both going through! I'm so thankful to be able to write something that is encouraging to you. And your struggles ARE blessings to others; I am SURE of this. And what timing... I just wrote on paper a blog about such challenges while running my boys around and waiting for them in the car. I will type it up and post it tonight or tomorrow; I pray it will bless you!

    Tracy - Can I copy and paste the message I wrote for Sherry? Read it, it applies to you, too. I really am sorry about the pain you must feel while learning such life lessons. I pray that you will be blessed to know what to do about it. Maybe "getting it" was all you needed to do; the rest will just come as a natural result. HUGS! Corine :D

    Jenny - A new face! Welcome! How great it is to have good kids... Though they have their freedom, teaching them right is a WONDERFUL and HUGE accomplishment worth celebrating! Yeah!
    Corine :D

  5. Hi Corine,
    I'm visiting you from NOBH! Thank you for linking up to this blog hop I'm co-hosting! Great to have you! Your post here is inspirational and when I read the title, "Do you ever feel inadequate?" I immediately answered EVERYDAY! I always put guilt on myself for thinking I should be doing this or that, especially when it comes to running our homeschool with my 4 "cupcakes". Your post reminds me of St. Therese, the Little Flower, and how she made it her life's mission to serve God by doing little things each day, rather than thinking we need to accomplish everything and make changes all at once. She is my favorite saint because as a stay at home mom that homeschools 4 young children, I have many , many , many opportunities to give small gifts and make sacrifices for family and friends! Thanks for the reminder! God bless and hope you will link up many times at NOBH!

  6. Tracy (#2) :o - Hi! I'm so excited to see a new face here! And your comment is such a great addition to this post; thank you so much for sharing it! I LOVE St. Therese's philosophy and think we should all live that way.

    PS. Thanks for the invitation to link up OFTEN to NOBH... I think I will! See you again soon...

    Corine :D

  7. Love this one today Corine. It is wonderful and something that I have thought about often. I know that I often feel inadequate and I do try to remember that by myself, I will never be enough, but with Him, He will take what I have and make it an abundance in His service. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Hi Patty Ann! :D Great to see you again. :) You totally just sumarized it. You are welcome, and thank you.

  9. Your post really expanded on the quote that I mentioned. Beautiful thoughts. I appreciate you sending me here to be uplifted even more. :)


There is a ripple effect in all that we do; what you do touches me, what I do touches you...

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