Sunday, March 6, 2011

Teasing is How Brothers Say, "I Love You."

Today at church I was asked to substitute in the nursery for the 3rd hour. While there, I got to visit with a friend, Juanita, who had just gone snow-boarding for the first time. Man I want to do that! Can you believe I have never been snowboarding? That's right... time for an official confession;
"Hi. My name is Corine Moore. I live in North Idaho... and I have never been snowboarding!!!"  :O
There... I feel better already! ;) OK... now that I got that off my chest, I can move on with this post and continue on with my story. ;)

So, I was "confessing" this to Juanita, who informed me that I really should try it because since I am "so good at balancing" that I will probably be really good at it. I just had to chuckle. :) Me... good at balancing? And you know what, the really shocking part is - she's right! Interesting how things change - when you start rollerblading - backwards. :D (Actually, I don't know how good my balance is... but I'm no longer a klutz. I think rollerblading may have helped. But I think my balance improved long ago - along with my confidence. :)

When I was a kid my brothers called me - all kinds of things! The most common of nick names were, "Cori," "Corny Cori," and " "Klutzy Cori." Being a kid, I took it personally. I don't know if I will ever forget the time I was at my best friends' house, and someone in the family jokingly called me "Klutzy Cori" All the moments of breaking things, and of being teased by my brothers came crashing in on me all at once. I was embarrassed, and couldn't stand being a klutz. My own reaction mortified me at the time, but I have to admit that I totally and completely "lost it!" I don't remember my exact words, but I recall feeling hurt, humiliated, embarrassed because it was true, and yelling at them to "never call me that again!" I probably went into another room and cried, too.  :O

My poor friends. I know they didn't mean to hurt my feelings. I should have been honest about how it bothered me instead of letting it build up like that.

Which reminds me of another experience I had when I was just a kid. In this instance, a friend tried to pay a compliment, and I took it as an insult (but honestly, he had a BIG crush on me... :) OK - It's true... I had a big crush on him, too. :D). Anyhow, he showed me a photo of myself and said to me...
"You are SO cute!"
He was quite exuberant... (which, of course... I loved! :D) and continued;
"I showed this photo to all my friends at school and asked them, "isn't she cute?' and they just looked at me like, 'whatever,'"
I don't recall what he said after that. I just remember thinking,
"Oh great! I'm not really cute after all! He is the only one who thinks I'm cute! Hph!"
I know... the tragedy of not being "cute!"  LOL :)  Honestly... I think he intended for me to feel flattered that he thought I was so cute... not to focus on the fact that the rest of the world didn't seem to agree with him.

Thankfully, I grew up! :D (LOL ~ If you can call it that! LOL :) I have since then, actually learned to understand the male mind to a small degree; I can recognize a compliment (after a quick pep talk from myself) and I'm not at all oversensitive any more (though my brothers, husband, and sons probably still disagree with me! LOL) And, I even have fun making fun of myself, :D (thus the blond jokes!). Here is a simple but important truth about brothers:
"Teasing" is how brothers say, "I love you?"
If you haven't internalized this yet - you just have to get there!

It is SO NICE to be able to
enjoy it
...when your brothers pick on you. :) 

When did I finally figure that out, and why did it take me so long for it to happen? I really couldn't say. But - I'm thankful the day finally came. Because I have a half dozen brothers... and they still tease! :)

Recently I got to see just three of my several brothers for a short family get-together when one of my brothers' baby was blessed. My niece, Ashtyn, was there who wanted to have fun taking photos, and told us all how to "pose." She tried to get her mom to let the boys pick her up... but when she refused I gladly took her place! :D (I really adore attention! Especially from my brothers!  :D) Of course... Ashtyn didn't tell my brothers what to do after they picked me up for the silly photo; they each ad-libbed, as brothers do, and "teased" me in their own way. :) The result...

Oh... Come on!  Give me a break; those are NEW shoes... they don't stink!

I know I gained a few pounds this winter 
(Can you blame a girl when suddenly she can no longer Rollerblade 6 days a week? ;D),
but, don't you think your exaggerating... just a little?
I mean, come on! Collapsing to the ground... but still holding on! LOL ;D

Ashtyn... Did you take a photo yet? I think these boys have had enough... :)

Yeah... There is no doubt about it. I think they really do secretly love me! ;D And I can't wait to have a family reunion with them all!!!! :D

Corine :D
PS Mom, dad, and Heavenly parents...
Thanks for giving me so many wonderful brothers and sisters!

I love you!!! :D

I just had to come back to this post and add a few photos taken at our small family gathering.
Dad, one sister and three brothers were there as well as myself. 
We had only a few minutes for taking photos... so for those of you who haven't met us -
I promise, we aren't as crazy as we seem!
(Well, not quite as crazy.  But we are a fairly outgoing bunch . :)

LOL! Man... what crazy poses!


  1. Wow..then my two brothers must have REALLY LOVED me!!!

    I really enjoyed your post..I love reading good memories! Sounds like you had your share of them!

  2. You are so right with this one. I have a large family, and my boys are exactly the same way. Teasing can hurt, but it can also heal if we let it.

  3. Oh boy then my two littles ones must realllllly love each other!

  4. Hi, this is Emily, from CJane...

    First off, I LOVE the pictures of you with your brothers. That is my favorite pose!

    Second, thank you for your comment. It meant a lot, especially after I reread it and realized I had a ton of typos. Oh well...but it is very true! We all have our trials, some are small and some are huge. What makes his any different from my friend with cancer. Nothing, its all in how he chooses to navigate past them.

    After going back and reading your comments and the others, I realize that your comments more align with what he was trying to say. The others were just critical of how he chooses to live his life. So thank you for your comments!

  5. A lovely post to share.I like the faces all the boys offered in the pictures. You need to watch them close or shoot a lot to get a serious one.Of course hard to be serious when you are having so much fun.

  6. Ok - I have a few responses for my commenters here, so look for your name to find your little note. :)

    Tina - LOL! :D ~ Yes, I do have good memories. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this.

    Patty Ann - So true!

    Flowering-Mamma - LOL... Good! :D I find it comforting when my kids pick on each other to know that they will grow up.

    Emily - THANK YOU!I was afraid that I rambled on over there at CJane's, and hoped that it was understandable. I think that guy is amazing ~ and certainly could NEVER criticize him! Thank you for your comment!!!!

    Out on the prairie - Thanks! :) I love their expressions, too! I do wish the photog. had taken more photos... and did wish we had gotten ONE serious one! But am so thankful for the ones we got. :) We had SO MUCH FUN! :D

  7. Yea, your brothers looks like they are hamming it up in the photos--even now at that grown up age. My uncle was raised with me, he was 10 yrs older, but he teased me to tears as well. we get over it and understand.

  8. So fun! I love your photos. :)


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