Saturday, March 5, 2011

~ My Legacy to Be...

I have a new goal, as part of what I want to do to leave a legacy! But first... a little about the old goals that are still in place.

I have already told you in previous posts about some of my passions (Circle Journal Sneak Peek ~ Passion, and More of My Favorite Passions). My greatest goal and passion, (which many people take for granted, but I simply can not... ) is and always has been, to raise a family who love and serve the Lord and follow His teachings. I want this more than anything! And of course, I hope that our family will actually have family reunions, often, and that we will always love each other and be close.

In addition to raising a righteous family, I have also had athe goal, which I may not have told you about, to write my own personal history, and my family history.
This has been a great desire and goal of mine for some time now, but I am still waiting for the right season to do this (which I hope to be very soon). I have kept many journals over the years which will help me to start this when the time comes....If my camera hadn't broke... I would have taken a photo of all my many treasures of journals I have written over the years, but since it broke, ...imagine, (if you want to...:) - a shelf, lined with notebooks, three ring binders of various colors shapes and sizes... some very old and not so lovely in appearance, but others having beautiful cloth covers made over them, or simply new and bright in color). This is one of my treasures. :)

Another goal I have had for many years has been to research and compile my family's genealogy. A little over a year ago, I finally got started. I had absolutely NO idea how to go about doing genealogy, and never could remember what to do next each time I sat down to try to do genealogy. I wanted to learn, and I wanted to work at it consistently, but couldn't seem to get myself to the local genealogy center consistently so I could learn how to go about it. You can read about what I did to get myself going in genealogy HERE if you want to. But the point I am making now is that this goal has grown, to become something that I desire to leave as a legacy for my children, ancestors, and posterity...

(Please open the link bellow IN A NEW TAB, and you can glance at a fabulous blog post of the author's grandparents legacy)

Genealogy ~ Our Legacy

When I saw this blog post - I realized that this is part of my own personal life mission... this is one of my great passions... this will be a big part of the legacy I hope to one day leave for my posterity! :D I'M SO EXCITED ~ I JUST HAD TO POST IT HERE AS A WAY OF CELEBRATING MY DISCOVERY AND GOALS! :D

I also have to celebrate that after over a year of working weekly at the Family History Center... I am actually finally GETTING IT!!! :D (seriously, I was SO CLUELESS ). And, none of my family members who had done genealogy could get to their work, so I had to research EVERYTHING. It has been really exciting to research in and other sites, and to link my work to the site and see the names of relatives as various contributors to work which matches the work I have done (a promising sign :). I am still a beginner; never-the-less, I am thankful for the research and record keeping skills I am developing. I am also anxious to begin uncovering stories to go with the names I am finding! :D
I will write again soon, to follow up on my current obsession... passion (he he! :) of FIGURING OUT HOW TO PARENT MY TEENS Youth! :)

Until then... enjoy your own passions, goals, and legacy in the making! ;D

Corine :D


  1. Corine,
    I often think of what I want my 'legacy' to be...and sometimes I don't know that this is something we have total control over because it's all in perception of each individual. The legacy I leave my students is different then what the legacy will be for my son.
    It's why I I can leave a 'life story' for my son of us, his family.
    Do what is in your heart of hearts...

  2. Oh Corine, I too do genealogy. I am to a point I must travel for more info but yes it has become a passion and a legacy.

    Have a great Sunday :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. Corine, I am not good at genealogy (yet), but my step-mom has a doctorate degree in it. She is very good and she teaches others and speaks at many of the genealogy conferences in AZ, Ut and CA. You should totally go to one of the conferences in your area. I think you would probably love it.

  4. Tracy - You have a good point. I suppose I will never really know if I leave a legacy, or what it will be, but I can always give it my best shot! :D

    Jules - You do genealogy... cool! I'm so happy for you. How long have you done it?

    Patty Ann - Sounds like you have a great resource... and a good start on your genealogy, too. :) I did actually go to one of those (and loved it), which is where a friend, Brother Malory, talked me into volunteering. It is now a goal of mine to learn enough that I can start teaching at those conferences. I really want to contribute in this area in every way that I can; but I have a LONG WAY TO GO.

  5. I researched mine while pregnant. I made a scrapbook out of all I found out so my daughter would know about her family.
    What great goals you have and how amazing they will be for your family.
    Also thanks for all the encouragement. Both my husband & I love your positive comments.


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