Thursday, March 24, 2011

Humbled ~ Again! :O

I am DEEPLY humbled. The plan was to read a few blog posts this morning. I wanted to leave a few comments here and there, hoping (as I sometimes do) that I might generate a few possibilities of bringing my blog to the attention of other readers.

Don't misunderstand, I DO frequently post comments just to make a bloggers day, since I'm silly enough to love it when people comment on my blog ~ I assume others will, too; so leaving comments is about what I can do for others. And of course I leave comments because I like the post and have something to say about it.

But honestly, sometimes I leave comments for selfish reasons, too... (in hopes that the blogger I discovered will also discover me.) You see, I often think it would be nice to have a few more readers on MY blog. And a few more comments, too. Though there are many other blogs like mine which have few followers and few comments... I tend to compare it with other blogs which have so many followers I doubt they can even READ all of their comments (let alone respond to them); and then think my blog is inferior to be so unread.

This morning, though... I didn't get around to blog hopping as I planned. Why? Because the FIRST blog I went to had a video about PRIDE on it... ( Diapers and Divinity )

I began to listen.

I realized recently that I was proud.

Listening to this talk confirmed it.


I have a lot of work to do!

Here are a few notes that I took from that talk...

    *At the core of pride, is the desire to be admired or envied. Hate to admit it, but when I admire others, I secretly hope to be that cool, too, and that others can admire me. :O)

A few signs of pride include...
    *self glorification (I probably would if I had done anything worthy of glorification). *self elevation (who wants to be seen as just average?), *obsessed with ones own status (I wonder how many people visit my baby blog?  Are the numbers increasing?), *inhaling compliments or basking in praise (so guilty!), *focus on own importance; power; reputation; public image; praise (I would love to be worthy of such things!)...

Elder Ucdorf reaffirmed a belief that I have had, that humility is not about putting ones self down or thinking one is less than others. It's not about having a low self image. I'm thankful for this because as my confidence in myself grows, I like myself and my life more, and I feel happier! But the focus of ones thoughts is not about ones self... their thoughts are directed to others.

Ucdorf said,
"Humility does not come from thinking less 'of' ourselves. We discover humility by thinking less 'about' ourselves."
Honestly, that is such a relief. :D I like trying to be a better person, and feeling good about it. I like not beating myself up for my mistakes as I used to. I like not thinking I am "less than" everyone else (I believe that none of us are any better or any worse than anyone else; we all have different talents, strengths, weaknesses etc. according to what Heavenly Father knows we need. But he did not create any of us to be superior or inferior to each other.

And yet, I still compare myself with others. Why? Perhaps I understand what pride and humility are... but have yet to acquire humility and overcome pride.

 So, I have decided that it is time for some goal setting.

  1. Think LESS "about" myself. (not less "of" myself. I am a valuable child of god just like everyone else!)
  2. Think of others MORE. Really strive to be SELFLESS.
  3. Serve MORE. Lose myself in service. And in doing so, remember to serve my family more... right here at home. :)
  4. Stop comparing.
I know I need to set other goals, too. But that is enough to leave with you now.

It is time for me to eat an apple with peanut butter, and get ready to go running with Valerie and Dee! :D I really hope we go around 6 miles today! :D I'm SO EXCITED!!! D

Good day!

Corine :D

PS In case you would like to listen to the video or read the talk...


  1. oh corine! i just love your blog... i read every single post... but i am a horrible commentor!

    you offer such beautiful thoughts here and your posts have often times led me deeper into my self-discovery adventure...

    i just wanted you to know... i read... and i would be you there are many others that do too!!

    keep it up!

  2. What a beautiful example of humility and transparency. God bless you Corine!

  3. Beautiful post Corine but I read you because of your thoughtfulness for others. You don't have as far to go as you think.

    Comments, it is not the number but the interaction from them I enjoy, like meeting you :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. Thank you for linking this beautiful post to No Ordinary Blog Hop. I loved how you wrote, and why you wrote. What your were writing about is exactly why Tracy, Anna-Marie, and I started the NOBH.

    I look forward to following your blog. This is a whole new experience in fellowship. =)

  5. Sherri - I had no idea! Wow, thank you for telling me! I'm happy that it takes you deeper into self discovery. :D

    Tracy - Thank you!

    Jules - I hope you're right. :) But maybe it's good that I don't know... or it would add to my pride issue! LOL PS I LOVE meeting you! :D

    Lynda - cool! I'm anxious to explore each of your blogs and future fellowship! Thanks for the blog hop and comment here! :D

  6. Good afternoon. Sounds like I'm on board with the others. I always read but seldom comment. Often I fear my words wouldn't do justice to your blog.

  7. Cathy - Don't do justice??? (Drop my jaw!). Just knowing you enjoy reading it is enough for me! Thanks. :)

  8. OK - It's official... I'll keep writing, and assume that what I write is of value, even if few comment! ;D

    Thanks friends!
    Coirine :D

  9. Corine,

    I also read but never comment anymore. And I think that what you talked about in your first paragraph is something that all bloggers think about - it is normal to want others to read your words and leave a thought in the comments. I don't think you are prideful in that regard - not at all!

  10. Gerb - Hi! Nice to see you again!

    So, you're telling me that I'm not prideful, just, "normal." LOL! Thanks. :D Your words are reasurring. :)

    PS I hope your leg is doing better. :D


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