Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Humans Being Moore"

Miles and I recently attended a Humans Being Moore conference with our family (minus the one kid not yet old enough to attend). This conference is put on by the Nikken company... which Miles and I are SO PROUD to now be a part of! YEAH!!! 

Nikken is all about helping people to live healthy lives… specifically in the areas of mind (which to me includes emotional and spiritual well being),  family, body, finances, and society. The Humans Being More Conference (which is held all over the US and is repeated regularly) is just one example of this. At this conference, participants are taught clear steps on how to accomplish goals and dreams in any aspects of life. Participating in this conference is an amazing mental, social, and emotional growth experience!

For part of the conference, participants were divided into partners of two, as well as in groups of 6. Miles and I were partners with four other people in our group (which, incidentally, turned out to be a totally awesome group!) Groups were chosen quite randomly and without much thought. So when I first sat down and looked at the group I was in, it immediately occurred to me that I was sorely out numbered as the only female in our group of six. Growing up with five brothers… I felt right at home. :)

After a couple minutes of chatting with my group, the conference speaker told us all to hold up one finger and quickly decide who we thought the group leader should be. On the count of three, we would all bring that finger down and point to the new leader; who ever got the most votes would be the leader.

On a count of three, only one finger was still pointing to the sky - mine. Why? Because, quit honestly, I wanted to be the leader, BUT... I didn't have the guts to let the rest of the group know it. :o Fortunately, the others were all unanimously pointing at me. :D So, I got to be the group leader after all, and was SO happy about it. (I know, I was born to lead! ;) By the way, I'm really laughing at myself right now because I didn't even know what the leader would do, but I knew I wanted to do it! Ha ha!).

During the conference, I came to realize that there have been many times when I wanted to do or be something that I was afraid to let others know about - in case they didn't agree that I should, or didn't think I could...

By the end of the conference, I no longer felt the need for others permission or approval; I NOW FEEL OK with NOT having the approval of others, as a precursor to giving myself permission to do or be something.

I believe we are ALL capable of great things and that the difference between people who do extraordinary things, and people who don't - has nothing to do with potential, and everything to do with intention, belief, and simply noticing and taking advantage of seemingly small opportunities.

After attending this conference, I can say that I love myself a little more, and believe in myself a little more. I think it is because I am progressively letting go of the fear of being more, as well as of the fear of not being as much as I hope to be...

One of the first realizations I had at the conference was that there was a part of myself that didn't know I deserve certain blessings. And there was another part of me who wanted to dream big and be more, but which worried that if anyone knew my dreams, they might think, "You? but you're just a 'nobody.'"

I read a book called The Dream Giver some time ago about a "nobody," and as I sat in that conference, everything I learned from that book suddenly had emotion attached to it. Suddenly, it wasn't "Nobody" the book was talking about... it was me. I was the one of the "nobodies" who was meant to be a "somebody" and was "destined to do great things" despite the fact that other people may not have known it.

If you haven't read this fabulous little book, The Dream Giver, or been to the life changing Humans Being More Conference, you probably don't know what I'm talking about. But no matter who you are or what your dreams are, I just want to encourage you to both.. READ the book... and GO to the conference. The book and conference never gave reference to each other. No one said one has to read this book before going to the conference. It just so happens that I did (I read it a long time ago). And the conference awakened and cemented truths I learned from this book.

I have been blessed with a key to unlock my own true self... I feel more capable of admitting to others the secret dreams that I desire to be and do - and that gives me power and self permission to actually be, do, and live these dreams! It is so empowering!!! I’M REALLY EXCITED about life! I hope you’re excited, too!

This experience was so great that it almost seemed like a “once in a lifetime” experience. But so many people who were at the conference have been coming back to it year after year, for years… I suppose “once in a life time” experiences come around as often as one takes advantage of the opportunities to experience them! ;D

PS. If you would like to learn more about the company that puts on these conferences, please let me know! And if you would like to be a part of the company… who knows, maybe we can be on the same team! ;)

PPS. I have a dream to be an instrument in God's hands as a leader in vitality.  It is time to once again expand my comfort zone, and start running with it!

What is one of your dreams?

Wishing you a lifetime of Happy Healthy Living!!!
Corine  :D

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. That sounds like a wonderful conference. You are a leader and excellent example to me.


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