Friday, October 21, 2011

Overcoming Eating Disorders - Follow Up

What is it about October, and remembering about my previous struggles with loving and taking care of myself? I wrote a post a couple of days ago (thinking I was so "courageous" to write about it). Overcoming My Greatest Challenge - Eating Disorders... Then today, I realized that I already wrote about it - a year ago - last October... ??? How could I forget?

I noticed few comments on these blogs. I hope reading them doesn't make others as uncomfortable as writing them does me. Honestly, I feel almost like I'm stripping down in my underwear and posting a photo of myself (and I just DON'T do that!). But here I am, doing it again.

For those readers who are new here and haven't read my last October 2010 posts and are actually interested in this subject... I'm including in this post links to the old posts. I sincerely hope they are of use to someone. And if any of you reading this struggle with this issue, I just want you to know you can overcome it! I encourage you to seek help from a Dietitian who understands Eating Disorders and can teach you how to take care of yourself so you can be healthy physically and psychologically. I was in the Dietetics Program at the University of Idaho (one of the best Dietetics Programs in the nation I heard); I still had 12 credits to go, and an internship to finish my degree when my husband finished school, and we moved (I hope to go back and finish when my kids are done with school. They come first. It is their time now). But despite only being a student in the program and not even finishing, I took the information I was learning and basically counseled myself back to health. I can only imagine how great it would have been to have had a counselor to coach me through. But I was my own best friend, and I coached myself; no, that is not true... I did have a coach. My Father in Heaven coached me; and He did great! It all worked out, and I am SO HAPPY TO BE HAPPY IN MY SKIN!!!

I feel incredibly blessed, and I would love for every woman in the world to feel so blessed in this way. Therefore, for all of you women (as well as for any men who also struggle with this!), I bear my soul again... LOL ;) And to those of you who struggle with having a healthy body image or with eating disorders in any way... I pray these brief posts give you the little nudge you need to place yourself on the road to healthy living (both physically and psychologically). I KNOW you can do this! I'm living proof that it can be done! ;D

OK. Here are the links to last years posts:

Healthy Living (Posted Oct 23, 2010)

Healthy Living ~ Part 2 (Posted October 24, 2010) *This post tells how I lost weight and learned to keep it off in a very healthy way...

UPDATE - OCT. 24TH, 2011 - I rewrote and comboined a couple of my own writings about eating disorders for my new blog... (you can find it here if interested.)

PS. I would like to give a very big thank you to every person who has ever told me that I am beautiful, to love myself, and to take care of myself. I love you, friends and family! :D  

Corine :D

PPS. Today my AWESOME twins turned 17! They are SO incredibly cute (in a very "manly" way, of course ;) and AWESOME! :D This brief post was quick enough to write while they were out getting a b-day treat with dad, but what I really wanted to write was a tribute to them. So... more to come soon. :) Good day! :D

I am making an effort to start taking photos of my YOUTH again.
It is so easy to remember to do when they are little, which they aren't!
But hey... I just need to remember that they are still so cut! LOL  :)


  1. October is such a time of change, maybe that's why you're thinking about such a change in your life. I love how you gave credit to Heavenly Father as your counselor. I'm sure you did so much of the hard work, too!

  2. First thing... your boys are so handsome... happy birthday to them!

    Second thing... thank you so much for the advice. You know... I don't think I ever truly had an eating disorder until some crazy stressful things happened in my life several years ago and I began to bury my stress into sugar. I have such a terrible sugar addiction now, but I'm trying to wean myself off by eating more protein (which I have eaten less and less of), but I know it is the energy my body really needs and not so much from the bad carbs that I usually eat to try to get it. It is hard, but I think I can do it.

    Eating disorders can happen at any age... for me it has been my thirties. This has been the hardest decade of my life. I'm hoping my forties are not quite so hard! :) Thank you again my friend!

  3. Annie, you are so right... I love the changes of Autumn! And, yes, it was a LOT of work but I couldn't have done it without Heavenly Father!

  4. Hi Ginger. :) Isn't it strange how we adults go through weird phases, just like kids do? The 30's really are tough! At least, they were for me. The late 30's were my pre-mid-life crisis; no need for a mid-life crisis cause I went through the crisis already! Been there, done that; CHECK!!! I'm loving 40! :D And I think 40's are generally much better for most woman than the 30's are, so you can breath easy knowing it will get better. :) Thankfully, you are a smart lady, and it sounds like you know what to do.

    Time for me to get to church. TTFN!
    Corine :D


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