Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Daily Journal Gem...

What a fabulous day today is!!! :D I ran 1.5 miles. I roller bladed 1.5 miles. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous! Which is why I came back from my run and switched to roller blades; I was hoping to grab the camera and get some photos. But I had my little dog with me who was very slow (He is recovering from injury... poor little guy!) It was getting dark and cold so I went back inside. Around 10 PM my body was screaming at me for not exercising it enough, so I consented to letting myself row for 20 just minutes so I wouldn't have to stay up too late (and here I am! :o). I know, that may not seem like much exercise... but it sure made me feel good.

You know what really got me excited today though??? My daughter Mindy got a new job!!! Yeah! She starts working at Hancock next week. And they weren't even hiring, but she went in and asked for the job... then followed up with a few casual visits with manager... and let's face it; no one can resist a doll with people skills! ;) So the manager made room for a part time job for her. I'm so happy for Mindy! She really wanted to work there. The manager has to love her already. I feel so incredibly blessed to have her for my daughter! :)
Well... time for me to get ready for bed.
TTFN! :)
Corine :D

PS. I still need to get photos of the aprons Mindy made for me! I'll do that tomorrow night with the Christmas lights lighting up the room behind me then post it on a blog the next day. See ya soon! :D


  1. inspire me.

    I used to walk every single day, but I had a pretty bad injury to my foot, and haven't been able to walk.
    I miss it.

    Have a great week, and many congrats to your daughter. That's great news!

  2. I was trying to leave you a message earlier and my computer froze up on me and now it's almost 10 pm and I'm just barely getting back to leave you this comment! sheesh! :)

    Anyway... what I was trying to say earlier...

    Congrats to Mindy on her new job and for sticking with it until she got it! I think that's so awesome and she demonstrates perseverance. :)

    And if you think that is a "little" bit of exercise, your body would HATE you if you did as much as I do! haha... someday. someday. Okay... I am not very optimistic about myself in the exercise department. You need to move closer to me and be my personal trainer! haha... Seriously... you totally amaze me.


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