Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Word or Phrase - Considerations...

I'm feeling good this morning. :) Yesterday morning was FABULOUS! It was so good it felt like the first day of the year! Honestly, there was a shift in my psychological well being that I LOVE! It got me all excited about living this year, choosing a word or phrase to focus on (if I can keep it down to one - ha! LOL), and I now want to write a bucket list as well (after visiting Salma's blog this morning). But just remembered I'm supposed to be somewhere RIGHT NOW! Ahh!

OK - you get the condensed sneak peak this morning instead of the in depth...

I am considering the following, but not done brainstorming:




ASK, SEEK, KNOCK... (added to this list on January 8th as a result of this post)

I'm not sure if I should choose one that I already have a good start on, or something I am totally and completely lacking in... I just want to do so much! :D

Do you have a word or phrase? What inspires you??

I better run! Be back with more later! :)

Corine :D


  1. well, you know mine but I also was on someone's blog and her word is 'surrender' Surrender to God's word and to peace of mind...great word!

  2. Yes I do... NOW, to be present in the now; also an AWESOME word! :) Surrender is also a great word! I love to hear what people choose to focus on! :D

  3. Corine, You just have to think about the words and pick one that sounds right to you. It is very individualized, and you really can't pick a wrong word. If you google one word for 2012, you will get a huge list of everyone else's words. That might just be what you need. I am pretty sure that one of them will just seem to call our your name. I love the one word thing. Last year, my word was Release. I hold on to way too much baggage, so I wanted to change that about myself. It was a great year, and I made a lot of individualized improvement. So successful!!!

  4. I love the one word thing, too! Actually, I have thought of doing it since meeting you on your blog and always think of the word "release" when I think of you and your blog. That's great that you had so much success with that, Patty! Isn't it fun to look back and see the progress? :) What you said about choosing the word I absolutely agree with as well, but I do love to hear what other peoples words are, so thanks for the google idea, I think I'll do it!

    Corine :D


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