Saturday, January 28, 2012

Overwhelmed - NOT...

Last night I stayed the night with a sweet elderly friend of mine (Marian). I helped her pack her belongings late into the night and again early this morning. Then another friend (Laurel) and I unpacked her belongings into her new home (she moved in with a wonderful couple so she will no longer be living alone - yeah!).

When I came home, exhausted and praying that I'm not coming down with a cold, I looked at the mess in my own house and began to be overwhelmed - almost... Thankfully, I soon found myself looking into a mirror and for some wonderful reason I told myself this;

"Don't even begin to think about what you didn't do...
Instead think about everything you DID do this week."

I made a short mental list of some wonderful things I did, then another list of wonderful experiences I have been blessed with - and felt good. :) It was amazing. One moment I was on the verge of being overwhelmed, and the next my burdens were light and I found myself counting my many blessings...

There will ALWAYS be  a list of things I want to do; but as long as I keep moving forward, there will ALSO always be a list of things I can be happy that I did experience and become... :)


  1. Ah, yes - I battled that feeling multiple times this week ("Ack! Look at all the things I couldn't do!" - I had to remind myself of all the wonderful things I was able to do - and the not-so-wonderful-but-very-needed things like getting 5 fillings :( blessing there? We have great dental insurance, and a wonderful dentist. Even if it took 2 hours!!!

  2. Yup! Always says exactly what I needed to hear!

  3. oh what a great way to get over the overwhelmed feeling


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