Monday, January 16, 2012

Beauty and Joy in the Amazing Everyday...

I know don't read blogs much (not like a lot of bloggers do). So it is a little strange that I go ahead and write - on a bog - especially since I don't advertise the blog (which would bring more readers to my blog so perhaps seem more worth while). Conclusion - why blog if few know of it and read it?

I don't know... Maybe I just love to write! (No worries to the faithful few - the few are as worthy as the many ;). There is a list of reasons I love to blog, and some months there are more purposes being fulfilled than others. But today - the purpose is simply to rejoice and count my blessings! :)

Today - I just want to write for my kids.

Photo taken about 3 years ago... I just love it - so show it off again! :)
I just want to write something that they can read when they are grown and find out how much their mom LOVED watching them grow up and learn to spread their wings. But it isn't just growth and progress that I enjoy; I also love watching them spend time together even in simple little activities like this one...

Would you think me strange for sighing when I look at this photo?

I just want these amazing people to know how GREAT they are and how happy I am to be blessed to be their mom.

Mindy recently started working a job in a place that wasn't even hiring; she asked for a job anyhow! :) And with faithful follow up - she was eventually given the job that was opened up just for her! She also started her schooling again in addition to institute classes - online and locally - so she gets to live with us for one more year; yeah! The nights she returns home from classes are always late ones for Miles and I, as we listen to this beautiful girl bursting with excitement to share her most recent experiences with new friends. She is THOROUGHLY enjoying her life! Watching all of this brings me so much joy! :)

Yesterday Levi taught the Deacons in Priesthood for the second time. He also spoke in sacrament about how anyone can gain a testimony. He wrote and prepared it himself (as always); and did a beautiful job. The message was inspiring and I found myself taking mental notes and writing about what I learned in my journal before retiring to bed. How is it that I am so blessed to have such wisdom and influence in my home from one so young?

By the way - A week ago he informed me that he was both teaching the Deacon's quorum and speaking in sacrament the following Sunday. I cringed a little inside to think of the preparation needed and asked, "does that overwhelm you?" His response was of shock that I would even ask, "Mom. I have a week to prepare." I'm not sure if that is from ignorance or faith; but I love it! LOL :D
I want to remember days like these - always... And I want to remember the moments that remind me of these great blessings... :) Moments like the ones I had this past Friday as I was blessed to visit with a couple of really great friends. One I haven't seen for a couple years since she moved away. The other I pass by and say hello to in the halls at church on Sundays. I have things in common with both of them... One has twin boys. The other is a mother of children on the Autism spectrum. These ladies inspire and amaze me!

As I talked to these women I couldn't help reflecting on the blessings in my life.

I couldn't help thinking of my kids, and of the amazing growth and progress they have made in their lives.

I couldn't help being thankful for the examples they set for me as a mother and for the things I learn from them.

I couldn't help going back in time and reminiscing... I couldn't help rejoicing over all that is good in our lives!

In short - I couldn't help rejoicing and finding joy in being a mom. :)

Right now, I continue to rejoice as I watch Devry engage in social settings - and love it!  I used to have to really coax him just to go to mutual (church youth group) each week. Now he comes to me and reminds me so he won't miss it! He even walked to the church last Tuesday night - just in case the youth were meeting that night (change of day with the new year - he thought it was the following night but wanted to be sure not to miss it if he remembered wrong). And look at his good face... Can you not see the strength and goodness behind those eyes? He has the makings of a strong leader who will do much good in his life; and I am so excited to watch it unfold! :D

Speaking of eyes, look at how soft Dausen's eyes are. This boy melts my heart! I still marvel at the changes coming over him. I remember when he didn't even laugh at jokes - then he suddenly became the one telling them! Since then, he has laughed a thousand times or more each year. He creates his own humor... And he laughs! :D ~ A lot!  :) I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again; this boy brings so much fun and laughter into our home! And I love his sweetness. He is the first one to thank me for a good dinner. I think he intentionally thanks me - just to make me happy! :D

Maybe few will read this post (Though I hope my kids will one day enjoy it). Maybe it doesn't matter... What matters is that I have been blessed to find beauty and joy in the amazing everyday... Maybe the joy I find in reminiscing is enough. :)

 And warm thoughts of love to each of you...

Corine :D


  1. Great reason to blog. I blog for my kids as well. And to hopefully do a little good along the way.

  2. Absolutely!!! That is my hope as well... :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Corine :D

  3. fabulous reasons to blog :)

    proud to be among the few ;)

  4. Thank you so much, Beca!!! :D
    And I'm honored to attract such FABULOUS few! ;)

    Corine :D

  5. Corine,
    I think blogging for yourself is fine since it helps our mental well-being...and then there are your gorgeous kids...I hear the pride in your voice and you should be!
    thanks for sharing your lovely life!

  6. Thanks, Tracy! :) I do love to find joy among all the chaos in this journey called life. But I make an effort to take neither pride in all that goes right - nor shame for all that goes wrong... :o

  7. your blog is awsome! you have amazing spirit.

  8. Rocketman - Thanks! So do you; I checked out your blog. It is very cool! ;) I'll be coming by in the future to watch your blog unfold. You have yourself a follower! :)


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