Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Blessings

  • Hi. :) The title of this blog is "Joy in the Journey" and the purpose is to make record experiences which bring joy... I have found that it helps me to feel better if I write when I am stressed; it helps to clear my head and work out solutions. I also somehow find it natural to write about things that I am learning... But when it comes to recording moments that bring joy it is easy to simply exclaim "horray!" say a thank you prayer, and go about my merry way... Thus finding time to write about all the good stuff isn't as natural a thing to do and actually takes conscious effort. But now and then I will have a moment of quiet - where I actually reflect upon my many blessings and have a little down time to write about it - at the same time. Such was the case as I wrote in my journal last night...
    February 28, 2012 Tuesday night

    This past week or so has been BEAUTIFUL! :D My heart is full tonight and I have time on my hands, so I’m just going to take a few minutes to count and share my beautiful February blessings

    Valentines Day was wonderful. My Relief Society President asked if my husband and me would join her in the temple to perform sealings for her ancestors. I was so honored to be asked to do this and did not take for granted the sure knowledge that my husband would also be excited to go. :D Can I just tell you how wonderful it is to go to the house of the lord with the man of my dreams – the man who I know will love me FOREVER? I can’t think of a better way to spend Valentines Day than to go to the temple with my husband and be reminded of the promises we made to each other to love each other for eternity – and also to give others the same opportunity - to love and be sealed to each other for eternity, too… It’s just so romantic! :D After the temple we went out for dinner together and just spent time talking and enjoying each others company… ~ Beautiful Valentines Day!

    My birthday was also wonderful. Of course, my husband and children had cards and gifts up their sleeves. I told my husband NOT to get me a gift… He insisted I go to a local book store and get a book I’ve been talking about (but don’t recall the title to it – thus I must go get it myself – still need to do that - :o). INSERT PHOTO OF CHOCOLATE PIECES HERE He also got me, not one, but TWO boxes of 60% cocoa chocolate shell - Lindt Lindor Extra Dark Chocolate Pieces… It usually takes me months to finish eating a sugary treat that I have all to myself. Eventually the kids find out about my stash and weasel the rest of it out of my hands (Honestly, Valentine Day was my first time eating AN ENTIRE TREAT – IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS! :o – My birthday was the second time. Yes, it was also a Lindt Lindor Extra Dark Chocolate... I have just recently discovered these. And yes again… They really are that good! All I can say is “Wowsers!” Oh, and Ahhh… Truffles! :) I LOVE the way he loves me!!!! :D
    Mindy got me a pair of head phones and made a karaoke CD for me. Can you believe that? I know… she totally rocks!  Of course, I can’t enjoy it without HER!  I LOVE doing karaoke with her!!!! What a totally AWESOME gift. J Of course, we ended the day together singing around the stereo… My sons made cards for me, though Dausen has yet to find the one he made (he will though...:). Devry drew a picture of a darling little Aname girl, and Levi wrote the most amazing poetic letter to me (in which he lists off ways in which I am amazing! Sigh…). My mother sent me the movie Ice Princess; yeah! :D And my dear friend Valerie shocked and surprised me by baking me a cake and giving me flowers, a card, and a pioneer movie to go with it! I was so happy and felt so loved when I saw what she had done that I immediately started crying. By the way, do you want to know the best part about the cake? She was a little embarrassed because she thought it looked ugly – but said her intentions were to make the cake “cheerful and sunny like I am.” Now, if that doesn’t make a person smile, what will? :D I absolutely LOVE this cake! And I absolutely love and adore these wonderful people!! PS. Aren't friends and family great? :D

    Speaking of Valerie - Remember how last year I wanted to be in the local triathlon, but was afraid I would drown since I didn’t get around to lessons… but since my friend Valerie started teaching me how to swim (though I only swam with her a couple of times), I jumped at the chance to attend a friend sponsored mini triathlon being advertised THE DAY BEFORE THE EVENT (I still think I’m kind of cool for having taken courage and done that with less than 24 hours notice! ;). Anyhow – Valerie and I just started swimming together a few days ago and she started coaching me. – AND, as of ¾ the way through yesterday’s swim - I think I actually learned how to breathe while swimming!!!! – Seriously – this is monumental! Today I swam for the third time and I don’t think I panicked even once. And I didn’t fill my sinuses with water as bad as I usually do either! :o  YEAH! :D

    Seriously – I swam on my back for the entire ½ mile swim in the Mini Labor Day Triathlon I did last fall because I was afraid of hyperventilating from lack of oxygen… (Of course, it doesn’t help that I only swam 4 times in the last year prior to the triathlon.  :o) This year – it is still February and I have already swum 3 times! :D Oh yeah… I’m going to do a little LOT better this year! (Don’t’ you just love the way it takes me  no time at all to start rejoicing over something? ;) I By the way, I took Levi swimming with me two of the three times I went and I am happy to say he is also improving greatly (the rest of the kids in the family can currently swim our socks off)! The two of us are going to work hard and be able to swim with the big boys this summer! ;) I can hardly wait to knock the socks off ‘em! :D

    Well, that is enough for now…
    Good night.

    Corine :D


  1. Happy belated birthday!!
    Sounds like it was a great one!!

    I too like to journal.

    Makes sense.....after all... "we are a record keeping people".

    Enjoy your journey today :)

  2. I didn't know it was your birthday! Happy belated Birthday! :) What a sweet friend to bring you such a sweet cake.

  3. Happy Birthday, and the cake and chocolates look and sound yummy! What a great friend you have!

    Yeah for Triathlons! I need to get back into it! I love swimming. It's my favorite part of it all, but I have yet to do a lake tri and that kind of freaks me out. Way to go with the breathing. Totally the hardest part. I basically blow my nose underwater the hole time. Lovely thought. Once you have your breathing down you can swim forever!

  4. Kerin - Thank you so much! Record keeping/Journaling is a passion I happen to adore! :)
    Hugs, and I will miss you as you leave the blogging world. It has been such a treat to "meet" you here...
    Hugs and good luck with all you do...
    Corine :D

    Ginger, you have been on my mind all day - and I can't get through on the phone! :o Thank you for the birthday wishes. :) And thanks for stopping by. Hugs.
    Corine :D

    Kendra, Thank you! And yes - she is AMAZING! I love how you talk about triathlons etc. I am so new at it and you inspire me! :) I'm so excited to finally be learning how to breathe! It has "felt" impossible - but I KNOW it can't be - so I just keep at it determined to succeed. :) It no longer feels impossible; I am SO EXCITED!!!!
    Thanks so much for visiting me!
    Corine :D


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