Sunday, February 26, 2012

Teachings and Atonement of Jesus

One of the things I enjoy most when blogging is visiting Diapers and Divinity for a weekly General Conference Book Club discussion. I have copies of the General Conference magazines at home and read them spontaneously on my own, but sometimes I like to go to the Sunday posts at Diapers and Divinity and read what others have to say about the talks. So this morning I went there to read the Last General Conference post (I read last Sunday's post - before she got today's post up). It was from the talk Teachings of Jesus, in which we were reminded of so many wonderful things that our Savior Jesus Christ has done for us… There was also a video there on her blog in which I was reminded of how through the power of the Atonement our very natures are changed. Sins which may have once been appealing lose appeal; we lose all desire for evil and are “born again,” and our ability to handle burdens is increased. I would like to share it here as well for those who have not been to Diapers and Divinity...

A feeling of peace and awe came over me as I contemplated the many blessings in my life through my Savior Jesus Christ. I thought of my many struggles, weaknesses, and imperfections; I have SO MUCH to overcome. I have SO MANY weaknesses. And yet, as I look back on my life it is obvious that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ,  my weaknesses are being transformed into strengths; I have overcome much; and know I will continue to overcome. I am comforted to know that God sees so much more in me than I see in myself, and that he believes in me. I believe in Him; therefore I choose to believe in his belief in me. I am filled with happiness and hope knowing that through determination and dedication to doing the Lord’s will (rather than my own) – I can continue to be made perfect, just as Jesus Christ has commanded me to;
“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect.” 
I know a lot of people like to dodge this scripture and say it is impossible to become perfect. But I believe in His words and know that all I do in this life to obey him and BE what He asks me to be (honest, faithful, enduring, kind, virtuous etc.) will help me to one day attain the perfection he knows I can attain – even if it is in the next life...

I used to think perfection was about never making a mistake. Now I believe it is about BECOMING… allowing Jesus Christ to refine me and make me better than I am; about making Jesus Christ such a big part of my life that through him I am made whole and complete.

Why do I care? Because when ever I have desired to do something which has been contrary to the teachings of Christ fear, anxiety, and the feeling of emptiness have been with me; “wickedness never was happiness.”

In contrast, when I have surrendered to thinking, feeling, and doing only what the lord desires me to think feel and do – I am filled with immeasurable joy. A joy that fills me and leaves no room for emptiness... :)

Though I am far from perfect, I work towards perfection with great faith and patience as I continually do His will, repent of my sins, and allow Jesus Christ to turn my weaknesses into strengths.

I am so happy and so thankful to be a member of His church and to have the Holy Ghost as a constant companion; I am thankful that the Holy Ghost gives me strength and hope - to help me to keep my covenants with the Lord and never give up. As I strive to live the teachings of Jesus Christ and constantly repent my life is filled with peace, happiness, and joy... This is why I love living. :) I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Corine :D

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