Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hi...  I just found this great song and video. :)

And I think I should have watched it OVER AND OVER AGAIN (some time ago), to get the idea DEEP into my mind. :) I think I will. :D BECAUSE... COURAGE is what I have been working on developing for the past couple of years. I don't know why, but it seems that I will develop courage in one area of my life (and think I am now totally courageous! ;o) - only to discover that I have other areas in life in which I STILL need to be Brave (BIG-TIME!)! :o What's up with that???

I just realized that I need to figure out what I am doing to be brave in some areas of my life, and apply that principle to ALL aspects of my life. I wonder what it is that causes me to be so brave sometimes?

I have made some amazing progress - let me tell you! :o However, I still have room for more. And this song just gets me EXCITED to get BRAVER! :D

I hope you are blessed to feel brave! :D

Do you ever struggle with being brave?

What helps you to be brave?

Corine :D 


  1. I do occasionally struggle with being brave...especially when it comes to my fear of heights :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIs! I am so not brave and need to work on it way more. I think what holds me back are my own insecurities about what others will think, or what my body looks like or that I might get laughed at or people might not like me. I just need to get over it...and be brave!

  3. Have you discovered anything that helps you get through those struggles bravely? :)

  4. I definitely struggle with being brave. I especially want to be better at writing my thoughts blogging! It's so hard sometimes to be real and express raw emotions. I love that song, it's a wonderful nudge in the right direction to be braver at something I struggle with.

  5. Hi Kirsten, thanks so much for your comment! :) I think every blogger in the world can relate. No one wants a tender or painful emotion trampled on or misunderstood... It takes a lot of courage (and wisdom) to bear one's soul! I too, struggle with this at times. Perhaps because I know I NEED wisdom and REALLY CARE about the outcome. Sometimes, I also worry that a positive outcome is only made possible by bearing my soul to the point of possible ridicule... That's hard! ~ Ultimately, I have decided that when I let myself "unbare" and share something that can bless and help another, maybe that is worth it... maybe I should care more about helping others than I care about the possibility of someone judging me. People will judge. I can't help that. But I CAN choose NOT to allow their judgments to affect me or keep me from helping others... :)

    PS. YOU are a wonderful blogger! :) And I'm so happy that song has nudged you in the right direction! I look forward to reading more...
    Corine :D


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