Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Will of God

Hi.. :)

We all deal with personal struggles... Things we desire to change or improve in our lives. And like a roller coaster ride, we make progress, then regress. We progress further, and seem to regress again. It can be discouraging. Is it possible, that we are progressing, even when we think we are regressing?

There is one sure way that we can be sure we are progressing... It all comes down to trusting and yielding to God's will...

Ultimately, we must remember - HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST. :)

No greater happiness can be found than in doing what is RIGHT and in OBEDIENCE to the lord

 - no matter what the consequences - 
 - no matter the challenges. -

Ultimately, the long term consequences will yield greater fruits of happiness than any of us could EVER hope to experience via our own paths...

We ARE loved...

Corine :D


  1. I love this Corine. Yes I definitely think that we are often progressing without even realizing it. Happy Friday my friend :)

  2. Thank you, Keith! :) And a very happy Friday to you! :D

  3. I have watched this video a few times during the last couple of weeks. I have had the talk on CD for years and it has always stayed with me. It's such an important message to remember when we feel disappointed when things don't go the way we wanted.

  4. And how frequently that seems to happen! :o Life is a bowl full of unpredictable cherries! ;)


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