Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Challenges - Endure them Well :)

This summer has been SO BUSY. I have a huge "to do" list that threatens to overwhelm me (Don't worry; I'm determined not to let those overwhelming thoughts take place in my heart! :)). There are other challenges, too. Sometimes I just wonder WHEN certain challenges will end! Then I remember, (LOL) Oh yeah... perhaps not until this life ends! ;) But it's OK. I just need to remember to ENJOY the moments of JOY laced among the fabric of the struggles of this life. LIFE IS GOOD. Everything that is challenging about life is challenging to make each and every one of us better and life sweeter, even if later. This life, this world, much of it is tough. But it won't last forever. And if we endure it well - one day we're going to find ourselves on top of the world! :D

PS. Some of our small daily challenges have to do with choices that others make, right? :o). Sometimes our challenge is to respond appropriately. Sometimes we are tempted to judge, or to be irritated or impatient. When this happens to me I try to remember that people act up when they themselves are struggling. It is during these times when they really need our love the most. Here are a couple quotes that put things into perspective...

Don't these just make you want to give the turkey in your life a big hug? :D

PPS. I am so anxious to find the time to write a good post about the happy things going on in life this summer! I hope I get my thoughts together and pen them down here soon!!! Wish me luck! :D

Corine :D


  1. I love these quote you chose Corine. And I agree 100% that challenges give us an opportunity to grow :)

  2. Thanks, Keith! And doesn't growth just make you feel great? :)


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