Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Great and Spacious Buildling...

I haven't read this book yet...

I didn't even know it existed, until I read about it on a friend's blog post... But I HAVE read Lehi's dream - over and over again; and I LOVE IT!... :)

Lehi's dream is one of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon (perhaps my favorite). Why? Perhaps because it is one that I think of so frequently. I have looked at my life OVER AND OVER AGAIN, and asked myself, "Where am I RIGHT NOW in Lehi's dream?"

The first time I applied this dream to my life I looked back on my life and could seem myself in different parts of the dream at different times in my life. It was SHOCKING! Who would think that a good girl like me would ever be anywhere other than holding to the rod or partaking of the fruit? ;) Honestly though, I truly was surprised at what I learned... 

I learned that when I was worried about what others thought about me, pride caused me to let go of the rod; at these times I realized that I literally hid some of my beliefs so I would not be mocked, rather than sharing these sacred beliefs and letting my light shine. When I realized that I had actually been among those who let go of the rod when the people in the great and spacious building mocked me, I VOWED TO NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN!

I won't give you a run down of my life and everywhere I have been, but I will tell you this...

The times I have loved my life the most, have been the times when I have been partaking of the fruit of God's love - when I was FILLED with the love of God, because I was so determined to follow His lead, and be the very best example I could possibly be! :) 

The HAPPINESS that come when one feasts on Christ's words and really talks to Christ - is inexpressible! You find yourself DOING SERVICE, and TRULY LOVING the Lord and your men. And the happiness just fills you up so you feel... FULL... :) The more I read and pray, the happier and fuller I feel! :D

I love to re-examine my life frequently with the backdrop of this wonderful vision. It is truly an inspired masterpiece worthy of contemplation! :D

If you haven't mastered the technique of comparing your life to Lehi's dream, I admonish you to give it a whirl! :) You may have to read the dream several times, and pray for inspiration to know how to see yourself in that dream before it finally happens. But I can guarantee that once you do - you will never be the same again! It will change you in ways you may not even yet dream about! :)

Happy Reading! :D

Corine :D


  1. I love the introspection here Corine. Sounds like this book reallyu causes one to look inward :)

  2. Thanks, Keith! :) I actually haven't read the book pictured on the post yet, but what I have read over and over again is the amazing, original metaphor (a very small part of my all time favorite book) that this book refers to and is based upon. And it DEFINITELY causes one to look inward. I love that! :) I absolutely love learning and growing and striving to become a better person! :) By the way, I really think you would like that book. Maybe you should read the book on the post and if you like the story I'll tell you more about other stories found in the original book. If you like...
    I hope you have a great day!
    Corine :D

  3. What a wonderful way to examine where we are and what we need to do!


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