Monday, August 23, 2010

Circle Journal; My First Entry

WARNING - If you are a member of the Circle Journal that I am a part of, and you want to be surprised when you see the journals... then you might want to leave this post now so your surprise won't be spoiled. I posted one of the entries that I made here on this post. For anyone else who is interested... read on. ;)                                                                                                            

Hi! :D I'm shipping off a circle journal belonging to another gal,... the first circle journal I have ever had the privilege of adding to. And I am so excited about it I just have to tell everyone about it!! :D  I was planning on shipping it off to the next person in the circle last week, but since I was reminded that the deadline had been moved ahead this month, I did what I tend to do and procrastinated. :O And so I am shipping it off in a few minutes.

The theme for the journal I sent off last month is Faith in Every Footstep. I had fun starting that one and am anxious to see the finished product when it arrives back in my possession about a year from now, after other women have added their journal entries. I will show you the journal entry I added to my own book along with the rest of them next year (I already have a post scheduled). ;)
The theme for the first journal which I received in the mail, (and am about to ship off to the next person) is A Blank Slate. Since I will not be seeing the rest of this book, I'll go ahead and show you the journal entries that I made today.

I don't know what happened to that scan; I'll try again..

Not much better. But I'm dealing with a very slow, half gig notebook, so this will have to do. (I will rejoice when my computer  is fixed! ;D

TTFN! Corine :D


  1. I am so excited to get the journals back and see all of the wonderful entries in them :) How cool is yours :)

  2. Kelly, I'm relieved to hear you think it is cool!!! Mine are so simple compared to everyone elses. I'm more of a thinker and writer than an artist; I had no idea everyone would be doing massive art work on these!!! I'm doing the best that I can.


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