Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Day With Toddlers...

I haven’t spent SO MUCH TIME… accomplishing SO LITTLE… and still been SO TIRED… in a long time.

Yesterday I tended two little sweat hearts – a four year old, and a one year old; and boy did they keep me busy - simply by doing the kind of things that one and four year olds do. Some of those things can absolutely drive a person to drink! (Actually, I don't really think that... I just liked the phrase; I've never actually ever had a "drink" in my life... despite all the little kids in it! ;)

One of my brothers in law says that God made kids cute so we wouldn't kill them. I think that's a bit drastic, too (though absolutely hilarious... don't you think? :) After all, despite all the crazy little things that little ones do, they are still, so absolutely addictively lovable! So lovable, that one can experience amazing things from the hands of children... which if they were at the hands of adults would leave one steaming fire and brimstone. But with little ones, we just laugh it off and find ourselves wanting to hug them all the more.

Here are a few of the interesting experiences I had, which had I had them with adults... would have been horrible, but since they were with little ones I can honestly say I actually look forward to future visits:
*Scoured the house for tiny items that could be used to cram into one's nostrils, or might be found enjoyable to suck on despite the fact that they are serious choking hazards (most of this was accomplished between the phone call that a one year old was coming, and the moment that he arrived).

*Changed a couple of diapers…

*Washed the table after lunch, for five minutes, only to grab the chair afterwards and realize that there was more food on the chair than there was on the table; the washing continued. :D

*Marveled over the amount of food that spans the length of the body of a toddler from the top of his/her head, down to the tips of his/her feet after, "eating" (supposedly); of the sheer amount of food that clings to the clothes;... and at what an amazing miracle it is that the said child STILL SOMEHOW MANAGES TO GROW!

*Rescued a 4 year old from eating poison berries which grow on the tree in my yard.

*Marveled at the miracle that rescuing children is so manageable that children do somehow stay alive.

*"Tried" (for what seemed like eternity) to get the one year old to take a nap. Witnessed his eyes fly open (after finally drifting closed for just a tiny fraction of a moment) at the sound of the dog barking. I then resorted to singing to the one year old, (an enjoyable attempt at lulling him to sleep). After the grand sound of silence for only a fraction of a second at the end of each and every song... witnessed the one year old emphatically demand, “Song!” I continued singing… for a long time. He stayed awake.

*Had my 12 year old watch the 4 year old while I attempted to get the one year old to sleep in a house he had never slept in before (with a babysitter that was just too much fun to sleep for, I might add. ;D). The twelve year old really did try to keep the four year old out of the garden.

*Upon giving up on getting the one year old to sleep… transplanted 4 plants from my vegetable garden which the four year old pulled up by the roots; hopefully he pulled enough of the roots up for them to live.

*Finally... I resorted to sitting on the deck and watching the kids play. I took photos of them and had a blast doing it! This was one of the very best parts of the day.




*Showed the one year old photos of himself on my camera; then listened to him shout for joy, "Baby! Baby!" as he patted himself on the tummy.

Set aside a bit of knowledge I acquired while earning my nutrition degree and let the kids stuff their faces with peanut M&M's - simply because I consider such occasional splurges to be, "good for the soul."

*Made 7 layer burritos for dinner for my family as well as the family of the said children. It was so great having friends over! Even if I did burn some of the meat and mush the black beans (I was distracted! My friends were here socializing with me the last few minutes of preparations. Did I mention that I forgot to spice the beans? I NEVER forget to spice the beans. And, I also NEVER mush them!)

Note: My 7 layer burritos have always been (until last night) absolutely, out of this world… spectacularly delicious!!! Last night, they were, perhaps OK. Oh well. Days like this just keep it real. ;D 

PS Did I mention that though I absolutely loved having these adorable kids over, I also have a new appreciation for the stage of life that my children are in... thus the stage of life that I am in? However, I do think I'm going to have to borrow these little ones from their parents now and then so I can get my "kid fix" too. I have a feeling though, that they will be perfectly willing to let me! ;)

To all of you with little ones... Hat's off, you rock! Thanks so much for sharing your little ones with the rest of us!

PPS No time to edit this... hope the mistakes are few (lately they have been many due to using a tiny computer that I'm not used to... I even missed the "e" in "read," making it "red." Please excuse my haste these days; As rabbit pointed out in Alice in Wonderland... "so much to do and so little time to do it in!"

Happy day to you all...

Corine ;D


  1. Oh yeah, when I "borrow" my grandchildren, it is amazing to me that I ever managed to keep up with my own children when they were small. It really makes me appreciate how wonderful it is to have children who are a little bit older! It also gives me a new appreciation for my grown adult children and the struggles that they are going through!

  2. Patty Ann... It is so great to see you here again; and AMEN to your comment! :D When my kids were little, I had a habit of believing and saying (with each passing year), "This is my favorite age!" Little did I know, I would love the next year even more than the current one. After they got older I stopped doing that… until now. I am pleased to announce that I think I'm actually beginning to reenter that phase of loving the new phases again; I AM SO EXCITED! :D

  3. I enjoyed reading this! I can sure relate. I have three children under five along with my 13 year old daughter. Picking up little "choking hazzards" off the floor is a daily task for me.

  4. Just reading this has exhausted me. Going back to bed......

    How quickly we forget those days when we're out of them.

  5. Casica - I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Thanks for commenting. I'm anxious to check out some more of your blog posts. I used to be a serious "health nut." I will always be into being healthy, but am not at all obsessed like I once was. ;)

    Rachel - LOL.... yeah I know! :D Seriously, we do forget quickly, don't we? It is absolutely startling and makes me want to write about everything good so I won't forget it, either!


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