Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Savory Moments ...

Moments I treasure....

*Watching Mindy take her brothers under her wing in the shoe store yesterday was a very sweet moment. She was so helpful that several customers thought she was an employee and also asked her to help them, too. :D She is such a wonderful girl.

*I also love watching Mindy in the kitchen as she experiments and comes up with wonderful new additions to our menu with her budding culinary talent and creativity (I knew I should have taken that photo of her working in the kitchen! Drats!). It is such a blessing for her to be working at a Cafe. :)

*It is so absolutely astounding to me to watch how quickly my sons are growing into men. One of the boys, Devry, weighed himself at a friend's house recently; he weighs 172 pounds! When we came home tonight, Devry and his dad arm wrestled together. Devry was excited to win his father in arm wrestling for the first time ever. They took turns winning, and Devry complained when his father "cheated." It was fun to watch. :D

Devry's first victory... Dad's first loss to his son...
(monumental moments for both ;)

Devry claims dad is "cheating" by using his body weight.

Dad takes the stand "What ever it takes!" and redeems himself. :)
(Though he does win without cheating, too. ;)

*Rollerblading moments... This is how I exercise, and I love it! :D Rollerblading makes my body sing! ;O

Today on my way home from rollerblading, a neighbor saw me blading and asked what size of shoes I wear. He then asked about the condition of my blades; I told him the insides were worn out, the paddings have huge holes in them. It was then that he opened his garage and pulled out a pair of used blades for me, which are not worn out on the inside, and are also a little bigger than my feet, but the same size that I am used to wearing while rollerblading. The next couple of minutes I bladed a bit longer, just to try out my new roller blades. I was in heaven! This was another wonderful moment in time. :D

Sorry. So far I have no photos of me rollerblading. (Insert imagination here.) ;o

*Hugs are so wonderful! :D - In case you don't know it, Dausen took many years before he was comfortable being touched enough to comfortably initiate hugs (AS); (Even now, if you aren't close to him you may still think him to be that way. But he is NOT! :D) Now days, Dausen randomly and frequently hugs me :) - of his own accord :) - with the most wonderfulBIGSTRONG, and Love filled hugs... just out of the blue as he walks past me as well as before he goes to sleep each night; and with each hug he he tells me with power and sincerity, "I love you, mom." I feel as if I am in heaven, with each and every hug, and each and every "I love you;" he is so sweet and good.  :) He absolutely MELTS my HEART! :D

And finally, I must mention one other moment, not from today or yesterday as the other moments mentioned here have been, but from another day not too long ago; this is another priceless and precious moment which needs to be recorded and remembered.I am a very blessed wife, mother, and woman.  :D

*On July 7th, Levi got to go inside the Spokane Temple and do work for the dead (it was his first time). A few minutes after he got home he announced to me with great importance (as if he were surprised that I didn’t run right over to him the instant he entered the door. – Come to think of it, it surprises me, too!), "Mom. I just got home from baptizing the dead." This was said in a tone that implied... "Don't you want to talk about this monumental occasion?"

(Photo taken from the following website...  http://lds.org/temples/main/0,11204,1912-1-95-0,00.html)

I was thrilled with Levi’s apparent enthusiasm for what he had just done. It was definitely something worth talking about, and understandably something to be eager to talk about. And so we talked. I learned that he was a bit nervous... but also excited. And more importantly... he felt really good about what he was doing.

This is a kid who is "cool to the core!" IE. both physically and spiritually! ;)
(Photo taken in 5th grade.)

I love to see the desire he has to serve people who he doesn’t even know. - It is SO COOL!  :D

I continue to see the kid in him as well as the emerging young man. The combination is astounding.
But perhaps it is the Lord, Levi is happiest to serve. Levi frequently mentions a Sunday-school lesson in which he gained a tremendous desire to serve His (our) Father in Heaven. Of course, Levi knows that in serving any of God's children... anyone, he is serving the Lord. I am SO THANKFUL for Brother Ball, (his Sunday-School teacher,) for reinforcing that lesson with the spirit. When the spirit delivers a message... it. is. awesome! Levi's resolution and desire to serve has been greatly magnified since that monumental day in Sunday School. :D

In this photo (taken in May of 2009), Levi was reaching out to help me up the mountain. The profile picture of myself on this blog is of myself coming up the mountain behind him. Levi has always been a gentleman, has always treated me with respect and kindness; and always wants to be there for me anytime he thinks I may need help.  He is so sweet! :D

These are enough "moments" to mention for now. I wish you all many happy days,
filled with many sweet and savory moments. ;D


  1. What an outstanding young man!! That last picture speaks volumes.

    Blessings to you.


  2. Wow! Many fun things in this post. Lot's of good stuff.

    Very neat, Levi and his experience.

    Bummer dad losing arm wrestling. It's a rite of passage though... a happy one for the son.. a glum one for dad. ;)

    I look like a freaky spazzy splayed legged newborn calf on rollerblades.

    Your daughter helping in the kitchen, send her to me please?

  3. Rachel - Thank you. :) I have always loved that photo of Levi; he is an outstanding young man and I am so proud of him! :D

    Rachel - Thanks! It feels good to notice and appreciate savory little moments in life. :) I'm sorry for you about the rollerblading deficiency. ;0 And as for Mindy; I wish I could keep her forever myself!! :D Wishing you good luck in the kitchen tonight. ;)

    Jules... Another Savory Moment... Thank you so much for the blog award!!!! :D It's my very first - ever - and I'm so excited! :D THANK YOU!!! :D


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