Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sunshine in My Heart ~ via Blogging... :D

Hi. :D ~ I wasn't going to blog this morning; I'm anxious to put on some roller blades and head out in the beautiful sun. But there is another sun shining and it is calling out to me for attention too, so here I am.

The sunshine I'm referring to is the sunshine in my soul that has gotten there by way of mingling with beautiful people, particularly in the blogging world... And I just need to thank all of you beautiful people who go about doing and saying kind things that spread this joy so abundantly.  :)

Do you remember that quote from Peter Pan, where Peter explains how to fly? It is one of my favorite quotes, and I think of it often as I read the happy thoughts of others on their blogs, or from other's comments on my blog. Peter says...
"You just think happy thoughts,
and they lift you into the air."
This photo of a girl running with balloons in her hands reminds me of this quote, so I stole it shamelessly from google to share it with you. ;) I like the sun shining in the background. I like how the step in her run is happy... so happy that you can practically imagine her feet bouncing gently upward... just enough that you find yourself imagining that those balloons can actually lift her up into the air.

To those of you whose blogs I read, and to those who read my blog and leave such great comments ~ you, like the sun... amaze and dazzle me, and more importantly, you uplift my soul. I love to sit down and read, only to find myself transported to a inner world of shear delight by the goodness that flows from your hearts and your words. You make the world a better place by your kind and loving examples and your cheerful and positive ways. I feel blessed to be associated with you... even if it is simply in the blogging world and not in the concrete/physical world we live in.

I am amazed as I go through life at how many absolutely beautiful and wonderful people there are . I love blogging because I get to catch a glimpse of so much good in the world and of so many beautiful people. I wish I knew you all!!! I wish I could get into a private jet and go visit each and every one of you!

I love to watch your strength as you battle and find victory over the "Goliath's" in your lives. I love to see you smile :D as you talk about it being OK that you have gone through hard times... that they have made you who you are and that you like who you are. I like who you are, too! I love to see you do inspiring things.

I love to see you share your happy moments, your funnies, your hopes and your dreams. I love to hear some of your thoughts and expressions of your innermost feelings. You are real. You are positive. And you make the world a better place.

Thank you all... for being you!
Thank you all... for taking time to talk to me!
Thank you all for the wonderful stories and thoughts that you share!

I just can't leave the house today without first expressing my gratitude.

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

Your blogging friend, Corine :D


  1. And we all love you too! It is a wonderful thing to connect with people... I would have never imagined this would happen when I started journaling me... and really that's all I set out to do...document my thoughts, create a witness to my life... and look what's happened! I have made some friends in the netherworld! Amazing!

    Thank you for all your words, pictures and insights. You are amazing and I love reading what's on your mind...

  2. It's funny, we must have been in each other's heads because I was thinking the exact same things. Especially the jet part :) Must be kindred spirits....

  3. For some reason your post reminds me about that Miley Cyrus song… the one that talks about climbing mountains and never giving up. Keep on spreading the sunshine, girl.

  4. Sherri - Thanks so much! I love you to... totally! :) Isn't it awesome to see the friendships that come out of blogging? I am having so much fun getting to know people... I'm a "people lover," too... can't be helped. :D

    Kelly - That's totally COOL! :D I totally have to agree!! I think we have more in common than meets the eye. ~ And we both totally Rock at being mom's, too! ;)

    Jason - You must mean the song I used in my blog titled "It's the Climb." Hmmm... wonder why I titled it THAT? ;D ~ And YOU give me so much credit and say the nicest things. :) THANKS! (This is the part where you imagine me high-5ing you for making me feel so cool... :D Thanks bro... I won't let you down! ;D

  5. What a kind, beautiful post! I often feel the same. I love the people I've met through blogging, it is an amazing experience.

  6. Sara - Thanks so much for your wonderful comment! I couldn't agree more. And thanks so much for following. You are one of those amazing people!

  7. Aww, Corine--what a sweetheart you are. You're a sunshine spreader, girl.

  8. Lori - Aww thanks. :) And so are you. ;0

  9. You forget that it is a joy to visit your blog, and get to know you :)

  10. I'm loving the positive energy I am getting from your blog. I don't even know you but can already tell what a beautiful person you are!
    LOVE your sidebar quotes, too! :) I will be back often.


  11. Suzie - Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D It is an absolute joy to get to know You. :)

    Michele - I'm "Wowed!" Thank you. :)And I am so happy to be seeing YOU often... :D

  12. You make me want to blog.


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