Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Can Tell it's Nearly Fall, Because I Feel Like I'm Falling!

School hasn't started yet here in the tip of the state that I live in. Here, we have a good week into September until that change in routine comes. I'm glad. I'm not ready for school yet; and I'm the teacher!!!!

I remember when the kids were little and they went to public schools. The day before school started, I swear it still felt like summer! The air was warm even in a breeze, and nothing was ever quiet. But almost overnight, about the morning that school started the air suddenly got crisp, cool, and chilly. I recall kissing them goodbye at the door, or walking them to school in the cool morning air, and suddenly needing a light jacket. Not only that, but everything was suddenly so peaceful; even with the sidewalks covered with a multitude of kids of all ages, there was a general hush in the air and everything was quiet as if the earth stood still to savor the sweetness of the change of routine, seasons, and settings.

And so I am surprised that this year, though I am still not quite ready for school... the air is cool, the wind is a bit nippy, and the house is oh so quiet; there is a feeling of change in the air that is so thick it is almost tangible; I think if I got a knife out I might actually feel resistance as I slice through the cool morning air.

Things are changing. And it's more than just a sudden drop in temperature; other changes are taking place, too.

I can tell it is nearly fall, because I feel like I'm falling... as gracefully as leaves fall off of trees from a cool fall breeze ... into a new world... a new life...a new season... a new place of being. And I have a peaceful feeling that though I don't feel ready yet... I will be.

I don't know what this new school year will bring, but I can feel it coming. And this time, I am letting go of a bit of anxiety before it even starts. This time, I am remembering that things change... but change is good. This time, I am trusting in the Lord a little more than I have in the past. This time I am going to put my best foot forward as I go about teaching my kids... and just remember that as long as I trust in the Lord and not just on myself... He will guide me, and everything will work out great!

Not just with schooling, but with all aspects of life. There are always uncertainties in life. There are questions that go unanswered. Longings left unmet. Challenges left to mudde through. But if we simply live our lives with faith in Jesus Christ, and do the things He counsels us to do; everything will be OK. He will guide us to do our part, and then if we hand things over to Him... he will take care of the rest. He will bind up our broken wounds, heal us, strengthen us, enlighten us, and lift our heavy burdens so they feel light. He always does. Nothing is too big or too hard for Him.

I'm always comforted when I remember that I don't have to have all the answers, and I don't have to try to fix everything. I just need to live my life the best way I know how, and just go on serving and enjoying life. That's why we were created; we were created so that we can be happy. And today - I am so shocked and delighted to again realize how simple it is to attain that happiness. Just obey the Lord, and let Him take care of the rest. I need to constantly turn my life back over to Him... because with each area in which I really let Him into my life...  the changes He makes are so amazing and so beautiful. :D 

Happy Sabbath to you all.
Corine :D

PS Enjoy the beautiful changes
that only God can make.


  1. Are you home schooling? I have never been able to, although I have thought about it several times. My sister did and her kids all have full ride schlarships and are doing great as adults. I think that it is a wonderful thing to do. You are so right about putting your trust in Jesus Christ. Sometimes, I think that just might be the hardest thing to do. It seems like we always know what we want and just how we want Him to do it for us. Sometimes, we just need to trust that He knows best and that it will all work out fine. You are doing an amazing job!

  2. oh wow, can I just tell you that you are an AMAZING writer! Serioulsy, I thoroughly enjoyed reading that. I hope to get better at my writing skills.
    By the way, I'm new to your blog and absolutely LOVE it!
    Now following you :)

  3. Patty Ann - Yes, I do home school my kids. And I was home schooled myself most of my growing up years. I love it! I have seen many blessings in my life as a result of being homeschooled; I pray my kids will too. *Thanks so much for all your kind words. :D Corine

    Crystal - Thank you so much for the compliment, and for following me. :D I hope you find many wonderful hours of reading here. ;) PS How did you find my blog? (People keep "popping up" and I'm loving it; this is something I keep wondering lately as it reoccurs...)
    Ta Ta For Now! :D

  4. I love fall, too, though at the back of my mind is always the realization that fall means winter is next and I hate winter. Good luck to you this new school year and thanks for the kind comments on my blog.


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