Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Home! :D

Hi! :D
I’m Home! :D

I haven’t been home since New Years Eve. That’s right. Miles and I took the kids out of town for New Years Eve so our twins could attend a dance with some friends (upon pleadings from their adorable female friends… :O)

While there, I checked my email one evening and discovered that my sister in law had her baby that day… a week earlier than I had planned on going to help her out. So I changed my air flight to leave the following day and come home a couple of weeks later (yesterday). I had a great time while there and will tell you about it soon; but today I will talk about the here and now. I want to record my homecoming with my husband and youngest son while it is fresh on my mind.

What about the other kids, you ask? Well, I haven’t had a “home coming” with them yet. They are all out of town themselves, helping a fellow father to take care of his 6 children while the mother is away taking care of the new mother and grand baby. They will be home tomorrow. I’m so excited for tomorrow’s “family reunion!”

As far as the partial family reunion goes, I wouldn’t have it any other way! These two men of mine (husband and little man – age 12) had a great time getting ready for my arrival. While I was away I received multiple emails and phone calls from my husband concerning business and personal goals and changes he is making.

I knew he was extremely busy with work while I was away, so my son’s comments did not surprise me.

“The house is such a mess! I’m really sorry, but dad and I just couldn’t get it clean.”

I sighed. “It’s OK. I know there has been a lot going on.” It felt good to be OK with it.

Levi continued talking, and here is where my vision of the house took a turn for the “better.” :D

“It’s so bad we even thought about going to a dump and gathering empty beer cans to scatter around the room, then lounging around on the couch in front of the TV when you come home.”

I laughed. Neither one of them has ever even desired to taste beer. They must have cleaned house much better than usual to surprise me. I was confidently hopeful. :D

Sure enough, as I walked into the door my eyes danced with happiness at the lack of clutter. Everything was in its place. :D

The smell, on the other hand… had much to be desired. :O After “ooing” and “awing” over how clean it was, I found the culprits of the smells. Non visible was the evidence that the cat had done it again (not used the litter box while we were all away. The cat has been kicked out, and we will NEVER have an indoor pet again!!!! Now ALL the carpets have to be replaced!).

In addition, there was food in the fridge that had been there since before we all left at the end of the year. I immediately began dumping stuff into the trash can. The once empty sink was now filled with containers to wash (some were trashed). I tried not to work just after arriving home, "just a few minutes of work to get the smell out…" I reasoned with myself, "and then I will focus on my family. Besides, this is why we goofed off in Spokane before coming home… because I knew I wanted time with them before being distracted with work that needed to be done."

I felt somewhat guilty regardless of the rationale, because I had previously decided not to work at all until the next day so I could just focus on spending time with my family upon arriving home. I was relieved that the teenagers weren’t home to reprimand me for working instead of spending time with them right when I came home after not seeing them for two weeks. I was surprised that Miles didn’t (they learned to be annoyed at me from their father’s annoyance). But Miles surprised me again as he has so many times before. He laughed!

“Levi” he chuckled, “didn’t I tell you your mom would do this as soon as she walked in the door.”

“I’m sorry!” I confessed. But my apology was met with a smile and the response,

“It’s OK. You’re a woman, and you have an amazing nose!”

I am constantly amazed lately at how attitudes are changing for the better. I feel so incredibly blessed! I feel more loved than ever before, because I feel so accepted, so completely.

I hate to admit it, but we have at times fought like little kids. Right before I left, my husband and I had such and incident (hopefully the last one). I was so sad that I cried all the way to the airport. I cried as I got into line to leave, and as I saw my husband behind the window at the airport; he didn’t leave until after my flight took off.

As we talked over the phone to work things out (I in my brother’s garage), things changed. There was such a change in our communication that I couldn’t believe it. As the following two weeks passed, our correspondences continued to improve, and mutual love and respect continued to grow.

After arriving home, I asked my husband what had changed about him, and why he was so different. He said it was because it broke his heart to see me so sad at the airport. He said he wanted me to be happy, so he decided he just wasn’t going to fight with me any more.

I know it may seem naive of me to think he has actually changed/improved in his way of communicating with me – just like that. But he has made many sudden and instant changes before, and I really think he has done it again.  He seems so different... more patient with me (believe me, he is a saint for putting up with me!), more kind, more loving; He seems to have simply chosen to really accept me and all my quirks, and rather than being angry, or even tolerant; instead, he actually seems to have changed his perspective in a way that causes him to loves me more for them, rather than in spite of them.

I love the way he loves me! :D

I would love to make changes... "just like that." I wonder if I can do it too. I'm inspired to try.

PS Here is a photo taken just after my husband and youngest son picked me up at the airport and took me to river Front Park. 
(Hand in hand... in the guys pockets :)
LOL ~ I can't believe how I have my hat turned up here... I look like a dork!
I Love Miles' grandpa's hat. :)
I guess Levi really missed me while I was away! His arm was in mine and he hugged it non stop as we walked the malls and streets of Riverfront Park together. But it was easier to walk hand in hand so I eventually took his hand, and to my surprise, he let me!

Miles put my hand in his pocket to warm it as he often does. Our son followed his example and did the same. It made me chuckle inside with delight so much that I asked a stranger to take a photo for us. I LOVE IT! :D

I'm so happy to be home! :)

Corine :D


  1. Sounds like you have major reasons for BEING home. I think you can make changes, "Just like that." If your heart tells you to. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. LOL! This post reminds me of an incident we had right before Christmas. The tree had been in our front room since right after Thanksgiving. Hardly any ornaments on it. This year wasn't typical. Our youngest was very sick and in the hospital. One day, I went to run errands. I came home to my daughter telling me before I walked in the house, the tree fell over. I put on my self righteous snotty attitude and walked in the door and basically said, I told you so! The tree had fallen over several times before this and I had told The SM that he needed to tie the dang thing to a wall! The SM turned to the kids and said, I told you mom would say that. I put groceries on the kitchen table and walked outside. My little girl followed me. She said, we were trying to surprise you. We'd almost finished when the tree fell down. Instantly I felt terrible. As I brought in more groceries I noticed that the kitchen was clean, the family room was clean, they had been working their tail ends off while I was gone to surprise them and all I did was walk in in a huff full of snot! I immedietly set about trying to mend things fast and complimented everyone and thanked them for how clean the house was and rather than attack about the tree, tried helping come up with a solution for getting the stupid thing to stay up! :D LOL! Live and learn........

  3. Jules - Nice to see you again. :) Thanks for the encouragement! :D

  4. Rachel - I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this!!!! :O ~ I'm betting just about every other mom has gone through it at least once or twice (or more than they care to admit... like the "old" me, before having "lived and learned"). ;D


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