Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! :D ~ Cheesy Card :o

This simple little greeting card was spontaneously emailed out to family and friends but I KNOW I missed a few of you; and that kills me! :O  So I'm posting it here so no one gets left out. ;) PS It also kills me to send out a card with a photo of just me... and not a family photo!!!! Hopefully you won't get an invitation to my funeral as a result of this! :O  ;D

Hi! :D I (Corine) went ice skating on a near by pond... for the first time (with exception to boot skating on the pond as a kid ;)! Miles was nearby on cross country skis... while the boys slid around in their boots. We had SO much FUN! :D Today, I sat down to look at my photos, and the next thing I knew, I had this! (Hmm.. too bad it wasn't one of their photos I was viewing when I fell upon this card! :o ) It may not be the best photo or represent the lot of us, but it has me waving hello for the lot of us ~ while experiencing a dream come true! ;) And since I never finished that Christmas letter I started writing a month ago... :o, I figured this could do the trick! ;)

*We hope your celebration of the baby Jesus was beautiful, and that the coming year carries dreams into reality in the form of new and fun experiences for you and yours! One of our "soon to be" experiences will no doubt, include having a family photo taken!  :O


  1. I tried ice skating once, man did it hurt. :)

    A Happy New Year to you.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. You know, when it comes to family photos, we always choose the one where mom looks the best so I think this one quite fitting. :D

    Happy New Year!!

  3. Corine,
    I bet that was fun! I grew up steps from a river and we skated all the time from Nov. to the thaws of spring. I loved it but too old now and like my feet planted safely on the ground. Actually, my son and his friend went yesterday at an indoor place in NC...certainly looks funny seeing 'southerners' ice skating!

  4. ha haha, ditto what jules said! It is painful!

  5. Hi friends! ...been out of town since the 31st... it was crazy busy! Sorry to get back to you so late!

    As for the hurting, I suppose I had beginners luck because I didn't get hurt at all! :D Or, maybe I did, and was just having too much fun to notice it (I did discover a couple of small bruises on my sides just after that! :O). In any case, I loved it! And I ROCKED! :D

    PS Rachel, there is one sure way to make sure the mom is the best looking one in the photo - and that is to be the ONLY one in the photo! ;D A woman's got to do what a woman's got to do! :D



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