Tuesday, January 25, 2011

These Bring a Smile to My Face...

These are just a few of my favorite moments from yesterday:

*I knocked on my son's bedroom door, then slowly opened it. There sitting on the bed was one of my 16 year old boys, Dausen, the second born twin by less than a minute. He had a phone to his ear... his bright blue eyes sparkling, and a big grin on his gorgeous (yes, I'm partial :) young man face. He has the most beautiful smile imaginable when he is happy. A look of, please don't disturb me now beamed from his raising eye brows... and then came the reply,
"I'm on the phone with an AWESOME girl, mom!"
I had to chuckle. :D He doesn't have a girlfriend. But he was most definitely wrapped up in that phone call with someone who he loved dearly. I smiled back at him and then responded before closing the door...
"When you're done talking to your sister, you need to do your chores."
Yes, he (the one that some people think doesn't talk) was talking to his "rock star" sister who he hasn't seen in nearly a week. It is SO COOL to constantly see and know how close they are!) :D

*I sat with my youngest son, Levi, on the couch this morning, helping him with an English assignment. I was SO TIRED. He was reading sentences and identifying some grammar and punctuation from a book. He seemed tired, too, as he said in a very drug out tone...
"I'm really thirsty. Let's grab something to drink."
I sighed, hoping he wasn't as tired as I was and wondering if his brain could use a break, and then responded,
"OK, go ahead and get a drink."
His response back was not at all as I anticipated it would be. His head jerked forward just a little bit... then he slowly turned to look at me and then just stared for a few seconds.
"What?" I asked.
Then came the crowning reply...
"I was reading that from the book, mom." 
A huge smile emerged from his face, and then we both broke out laughing. :D I guess I was more tired than I realized! At least his brain was working. LOL I love laughing at my own blond moments! :D

*Levi sat at the computer with a new graphics program and announced with pride... "Look at what I made, mom! Aren't I awesome?" :D  With an attitude like that...  heck yeah!

*I talked on the phone with my daughter as she cried a happy cry. It was a good talk. :)

*During family scripture study discussion, Devry talked on and on about some of the things that made sense to him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes... this is one of the boys who for so long didn't really "discuss" things. It is SO EXCITING to see him growing so much verbally, socially, and spiritually!

*One of my 16 year old sons (Dausen) came to me to tell me about how happy he is to read about his all time favorite video game. I Love the way his eyes danced...
"Just reading about it is like having a birthday, Christmas, and all the other holidays put together. The game comes out in November. But the series started on the day I was born."
It made me laugh. I'm glad he is so happy! :D

*Miles went into our teen age boy's bedroom, and told them a bedtime "gerbil" story, like he did when they were little. :) (These are stories that he makes up at random about gerbils.)

*I went to my computer and discovered that the bloggers who I visited at their blogs for the first time a day or so ago, came to visit me at mine. (Here is a moment you can all associate with. ;)

*This morning Dausen asked me if he is supposed to count the time he spends on XBox creating Avatars and purchasing things etc... or just the time spent "playing."

*Though it is in the scheduled routine that the boys can have a half hour to themselves between Seminary and homeschooling, Dausen went straight to his studies directly after Seminary this morning.

I guess it's true... The little moments, really are the big moments.

Corine   :D


  1. They all add up don't they? Kuddos to you for scooping them up and recognizing them for what they are! You're a good mom.

  2. I must say that was beautifully presented and should give us all good reason to stop, recall and say thanks :)

    Made me happy just hearing about your moments :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. What a great post and a fabulous reminder for all of us! I liked it very much :)

  4. Love it!! Isn't it amazing how life is made up of all the little, everyday, moments. Thanks for reminding me.


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