Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Recent Update...

Hi. :) I know very few of you have seen me poke my head out from among the MIA to the world of the living cyberspace world for some time now. Hopefully, life will calm down and I will get to be more consistent with blogging. But considering the circumstances... I think you will agree that my reasons for being sporadic are quite good!

What have I been up to, you ask? OK - time for a quick brain storm and brief summary of life as of late. But where and when to begin? Do I start with November, or January?

I think I will begin with November.

*Had company from out of town the first 16 days of Nov. Found out just days after company left that they brought head lice with them when they came (which they acquired from their neighbors just days before coming to visit us... the 4th time those neighbors gave them lice... and the second time these friends gave it to us! (you can read about the first time here if you want to).

*Spent the next couple of weeks doing laundry and cleaning house and vehicles to get rid of the lice eggs left for us. Thankfully for us, only eggs were found in our home, not the hatched lice.

*Got on an airplane for the first time ever... and visited my mom for a week.

*Came home and enjoyed Christmas season with family.

*Went ice skating for the first time! IT WAS WONDERFUL! :D

*Went out of town with family so the twins could go to a New Years dance with friends; their friends were bursting at the seams for my boys to attend the dance with them... ;D yes, their "friends" are girls! :O

*Almost cut the twins hair... but didn't thanks to no thanks to a couple of adult women who lamented and raved over how good they looked with long hair and of how a guy can only get away with it in his teens so he sure better (I could not believe these friends of mine!!!! - I can't even bring myself to get a family photo... and they are encouraging this!!! (Yes ladies, you know I still love you. ;). And yes sons, I still adore you! ;)

Decided to ask a friend we were visiting with to take a quick snap shot or two of the family... even though my boys still haven't had hair cuts! :O

They were obviously very enthusiastic about having their photo taken... :O (just kidding)

*Read an email (while out of town for New Years) informing me that my sister in law (whose husband is currently taking 35 credits in Chiropractic School) had her baby early (baby #5, and the oldest is 5) ~ Cesarean. And... they found out they had head lice 3 days before the baby was born. Naturally, I changed my plain flight to leave the next day from where I was and took my weekend bag of two outfits to stay with my dear family for the next two weeks.

*Helped my brother and his wife to finish ridding their home of head lice (Yes... this really is true. And, NO, I did not pass the head lice on to them!!! :O I haven's seen this family since BEFORE my family had our lovely head lice experiences. On a positive note... At least I knew what to do when I came here. :) I think I have this lice treatment down, if anyone has questions! :D

*I played with the kids when I could (5 kids ages 5 and under... AWESOME! :D (I think my sister in law should apply for a wonder woman contest ;). I really look forward to visiting again without the huge workload of eliminating head lice, so I can play with them MUCH MORE. Pictures of kids to follow soon, perhaps with head lice treatment tips...

*"Tried" to write while out of town (this was drafted while out).

*While away, my oldest 3 kids were with another homeschooling family helping the father to take care of his children while the mother went to be with their oldest daughter who has just given birth to her first baby. Homeschooling ROCKS! I'm so thankful that they get to have these growing leadership experiences!!! :D

Corine :D

PS I just came across this photo tonight. It was in my "Devry" file, but it looked like Dausen, so I began to move it to the "Dausen" file, when suddenly I realized I wasn't sure who it was! Seriously!! This really is bothersome to me. Which one does it look like to you?


  1. It sounds like you have been very busy! Thanks for stopping by both of my blogs. I fixed the comment section in the Zoo.

  2. I'm not sure who the photo is of but at first glance I thought he was holding a pile of dog poop! :D

  3. Oh you poor thing. The treatment is horrible and the washing of the sheets, towels, comforters, curtains . . . it's an evil I wouldn't wish on any one!

    Glad your home!

  4. Lord I remember head lice, what a pain! You have been one busy bee :)

    And LOL, don't you just hate it when you cannot recognize your own photos. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. Oh my gosh!! You have sure been busy!! I hate head lice!! I have had way too many experiences with them when we lived in the valley. Thank goodness, up here (fingers crossed) we haven't had that glorious privilege. But, I am like you, and I have it down for what to do!! I even know the natural treatments which are a little easier on the kids, but only work well if you repeat it every few days. Hoping that joy is finished for you!!

  6. Hi all! :D Thanks so much for your comments... it really makes blogging fun for me! :)

    As for the head lice, they got it and did the first treatment 3-4 days before I got there, so I never even saw the cridders, and by the time I left they had a couple more treatments (and, yes I treated myself the natural way, too... again the night before I returned home just to be on the safe side :O). It was a lot of work to be sure we got them all... but again, I never even saw any. I am always there just after the first treatment, or before the eggs hatch; so the work load is always huge... but I'm still not terribly familiar with the little cridders; it's a little strange, but I'm hoping to keep it that way!

    TTFN! :D


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