Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (night ;) ~ "Little" Brother's Family ;)

I was determined to get these posted - today (night ;)!

When I was a kid, the one thing I wanted to be more than anything else when I grew up was to be a mom. In addition to having one older sister, I also had 5 little brothers and a little sister to practice on. A couple of these kids I sort of mistook as my own kids, rather than as my siblings. :O ~

This man here, in the photo below... he was one of them; he called me "mama," much of the time, and I Loved it! :D At the time, we seemed so far apart in age! The age difference doesn't quite the same now that we are grown.

Here are a few of my favorite photos taken while visiting with my.... big, "little brother" and his family. Enjoy! :D

On the airport bus with my brother and his kids (minus the new baby).
The kind lady who took the photo for us was one of 23 siblings... all from the same mother.
And I thought this little family was doing good! LOL ;D

This little guy - I really miss! He is my little "squishy."

I LOVE taking these natural photos of life being fully enjoyed!
This photo was taken just after my brother brought his wife and baby home form the hospital.
It was fun to see them both grab their cameras when the kids came to see the baby for the first time.
Naturally, I grabbed mine, too! :D  Thus... the photos! :)

I was given this t-shirt while there...
The 5 yr old told me the shirt looked like a boys; I didn't wear it again.
Naturally, I had to be wearing it for the photo! :O
But who can not keep a photo like this one... of kids hanging on them? :)
It was too classic to toss (despite looking like a "boy" - Uggh!).

Sisters, at last! :D

I had a blast taking these photos of the boys...
They just melted into their new baby sister!

All the girls! :D

All the boys! :D

I love my family! :D

*PS I would really love to know which photo coloring you like best... the coloring of these below, or the coloring of ones just like them which are shown above?

Thanks! ;D


  1. The ones below.

    Smiled real big when I saw the photo of you and all of the kids hanging on you. Says how much they love you!!

    Sigh.... I love new babies.

  2. First I must say those are truly precious! I love your family :)

    I like the top first picture and the bottom second picture. I can mix and match right? :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. Thank you for the encouraging words today.
    I really like the very last picture the tones in that one are pure pink baby.

  4. Rachel - I'm glad you smiles... even though I looked like a BOY! :o

    Jules - You love my family... that is SO COOL! :D THANKS! :)

    Cassi - I LOVE to spread encouraging words. :) Thank you for your grattitude. :D

    Alll of you - Thanks so much for telling me which ones you like best. I changed the color to the ones you all liked best, and worried that I may have flubbed up by changing them (I changed a pile of them, and only had the originals to a few of them).

    I sort of love the dark ones (original), even though they are less realistic, because they are so warm. But I'm glad that you all liked the changes made. :) I hope my brothers family will too. I need to email them to look at my blog. :O ;D

    ...night :)

  5. All those photos are beautiful. Congratulations on the new niece. Your brother has a beautiful family.


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