Friday, April 22, 2011

Blond... and Loving it! ;)

I origially wrote and posted this in Feb of 2010, but re-posted it today... in honor of my last post, About Being "Blond... and Loving it! ;)" Which, being blond... I should let you know, the "About 'Being Blond... and Loving it! ;)'" isn't about this blog post "Blond... and Loving it!"... but is simply about being blond, and loving it! :o However, I thought you might enjoy it anyhow! ;)

I'm a home schooling mom. Normally, I am outstandingly strict about the schedule. Study time is strictly study time - no visitors, no goofing off, no chores, no facebook etc.!

But, there are rare exceptions and fluctuations with the schedule, like we had this past Wednesday. I had been working a lot (shocking, I know) - and I needed a break. So, quite out of the ordinary, I decided to boss the kids around with nothing but independent assignments, so I could go on facebook for a break! :D

The goal was to advertise this new blog of mine. I thought of the best way to go about this by considering my habits on facebook. I reflected on the fact that when I get on FB I seldom go to what I considered the "absolutely EVERY STUPID THING MENTIONED, - WASTE YOUR LIFE AWAY" feed, also known as the, "Live Feed."

I do appreciate technology and love that I can keep in touch with friends; but don't want to lose hours of my life reading what Joe writes for Suzy. (BTY- I’m also a big believer in not creating addictions of any kind… and spending too much time on anything can create an addiction.)

I want to read the things that were written to me, or to everyone (which includes me :). So I decided to post my blog advertisement in what I assumed to be the "to everybody" feed: also known as the "News Feed." (I know; I know... thus the title!)

I figured, there are a few other people like me who won't see what is in the "Live Feed." Thus the logical conclusion..., my ad must hit the "News Feed" to be seen.

(Honestly, I'm not stupid, just a bit hasty about jumping to conclusions at times, and humble enough to admit it (ha ha! So humble I HAD to point it out!:) Or maybe I'm just crazy enough to admit it! :O

Anyhow..., no matter what I did, everything I posted went onto the "Live Feed" only. I would post in one location, repost in another (yes, again, I am a blond! Augh! I hope you still believe me about the "humble but not stupid" bit. LOL).

My daughter then noticed my dilemma and came to my rescue,

"Mom, maybe it only shows up there on your account. Maybe I could get on my account to see where your post shows up."
Followed by my facebook addict, Dausen, (who is anything but blond) quickly leaping over a stool, flying across the room towards the computer, and eagerly echoing a helping hand with...
"Good idea! I'll check it out on my account, too!"
Mindy and I immediately turned to look at each other, and then simultaneously burst into laughter.

Ahh... to laugh! :)

This reminded me of an instance with Levi recently. He and I played chess together (He is 11, and played once when he was nearly 8, but just started playing again a couple of weeks ago).

Afterwards he emphasized to me how much he loves to play with me. When I asked him why, he proceeded to give a wonderful list of great qualities about me. He said things that really boosted my ego... that I am so much fun to play with, funny, cute, cheerful etc. :)

And then he got this look in his eye and added, "and, because you are such a 'good sport.'" This of course was followed by a look of, "Oh crabapples! Please don't let mom catch on to the fact that she is delightfully easy to win."

Wow! There it was... the icing on the smooth and glossy cake... the reminder that it is great fun to play games which require one to think - with a blond.

Now I know why God created blonds... so others could snow them, or win games with them when the odds would suggest a loss to be more probable in more common situations... thus multiplying the number and frequency of laughable scenarios.


God has such a sense of humor! :)

Ahh, to be in the company of a blond! :D

PS. My "blond" head has been enlightened. For all you other blonds out there, who also live life blissfully unaware of the difference between "live feed" and "news feed," here is the moment of truth you have been waiting for...

I "googled" it, and discovered that FB has certain criteria which determine the "importance" of each comment made. FB then places the "important" comments on the "News Feed."


Oh well. Such is the reasoning and life of a blond!

PS. To all you blonde's out there... Love ya! ;)

PPS. For those of you who do not know me. I really am decently smart (despite the blond moments). I'm just sure of it! After all, my 11 year old tells me so!

PPPS. One of my talents is laughing at myself. (Why, I practically live to laugh at myself! Mua.. ha..ha..ha..ha!) Of course, I do have an advantage over the average person; I had I’ve had lots of practice!


  1. And just so you know... I know a brunette that even a blond would not claim :) But I so agree with your ability to laugh at our selves, we just need to do it more often :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. Just so you know, I think everyone has a blonde moment or two, they just haven't learned the art of laughing at themselves while they point it out. Thank you for the laugh today. I needed it.


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