Friday, April 29, 2011

Building Support :)

The first couple of paragraphs are here, in case you didn't read my last blog post... 

I have physical goals, which I know I need support from others to accomplish. I have two dear friends (Dee and Valorie) who I run with once a week; they keep me running. They are a huge support to me! Thank you so much Dee and Valorie! And now, I have another great support; that is what this blog post is about... :)

After swimming just once, and realizing how extremely difficult it is for me, I fought discouragement; I almost didn't want to go back to the pool, because I didn't even have faith that I could do the triathlon (and faith is what "I do!"). So I decided to at least hope that I can, and show up at that pool a couple of times each week and give this goal my best effort.

I also decided that I needed to set myself up for success, by calling my friends to see if we can arrange times to swim together, or at least let each other know we are doing it; I figured that if they are expecting me to be there... it will be easier to get to the pool; I needed people in my corner. I didn't want to delay, so I took my wonderful daughter, Mindy, and we started immediately. What a blessing she is to me! My hope has already increased! :D Thank you Mindy! You are such a great support to me!

And, I am so happy to announce, that a friend in the blogging world (Laura) read my last post, and she literally took it into her hands to build a support team for each of us blogging friends who has fitness and nutrition goals - so we can be a support to each other! I AM TOTALLY "WOW-ED!" ( I know, I made up that word myself... a long time ago... :)

Thank you so much Laura!

So, here is a link to the post (Healthy Living for the Imperfect (and a Blog Challenge): Friday Confessional) that told me about Laura's plan.

And here is a link to Laura's Fitness Challenge.

And  here is a link to Laura's Good Health Challenge.

To any and all who would like to take the health or fitness challenge...

Yeah for you!
Welcome to the Team!!!  :D

And as my friend Sariah (who is the leader of another team I just joined... (you'll hear more about that soon) would say...

Go Team! :D

Wishing you a healthy day, week, month, year, a and LIFE! :)

Corine :D


  1. Wow, Corine! You have some amazing goals that you're working on. I've decided to jump into Laura's challenge, too. I'm loading some new podcasts onto my MP3 player for something new to listen to while I'm walking.

    Good Luck, and I'll see you at Laura's Fitness Challenge!

  2. Corine, What a great goal for yourself. And what an out pouring of support! Steve and I have bought running shoes recently and are going to try and get out more this summer.

  3. Annie - Yeah! I'm glad you're taking the challenge, too! See you around! :)

    Cassie - Thanks! I am excited about the awesome support! :D It's great that you and Steve will be out on the road together! I love walking or running with my husband, Miles. I feel so much closer to him when we spend time like that together; there is just something about talking, alone, out in the wonderful fresh air. :) Miles has a really bad knee and running is hard on it; so I'm planning to get some special shoes for him that act like shock absorbers for the knees... so we can do this together more often. I'm excited for you and Steve! :D

    Thanks so much for stopping by!
    Corine :D


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