Wednesday, April 20, 2011

About ~ Being Blond... and Loving It! ;)

I was once told in a job seminar workshop that "enthusiasm" is my greatest asset.  I LOVE it! :) Along with an incredible adrenaline rush, (which comes over me at the very prospect of conquering a challenge), enthusiasm, has been, and continues to be, the icing on my cake! :)

Adrenaline, and enthusiasm... that's a lot, you say?

Well, that may be true. LOL... Oh, but there is more! Oh yeah, there's SO much more! ;D

Along with adrenaline and enthusiasm, I have no shortage of my own personal supply of ... "MOMENTS." And NO... that does Not mean I am dumb! I am POSITIVELY NOT DUMB! In fact, I have a rather decent IQ, and a few of my dearest friends have frequently and insistently informed me of how incredibly SMART they think I am (seriously... I love you, Jo, Sherry, Miles, Mindy, and all the rest of you who have so sweetly, {though to no avail} strove to convince me that I am "a GENIUS!" {:D} Thank you for stroking my ego! Even if I simply... snowed you to get you to believe it. JK ~ ;D).

None the less... for a "smart" person, I go through a rather large supply of severely CLUELESS moments! :o (Could low blood sugar have anything to do with that? :o)

Some of these "clueless" moments are over small and seemingly insignificant matters... thus generating a plethora of opportunities for great hilarity. I call these "blond moments." (By the way, I even have a blog post titled Blond... and Loving It ;)!" A post in which I took a few moments to exaggerate...  revel in... and greatly enjoy... laughing in amusement over some of these moments of mine. :)

What's that? Do you wonder if I am really blond?

Why, yes... Of course I really AM blond; though it's more of a dirty, dish water blond... with a gorgeous variety of various shades of browns and even a delightfully small smiget of reds thrown into the mix; it's gorgeous, really! :) I do love my hair! :D ~ (Sorry for the braggers detour. Sort of. .. :o ~ Moving on...)

And then, there are the other "blond moments"...

The ones which are NOT over trivial matters.

The ones which have something to do with subjects of great importance or significance, and with which - it really is no laughing matter to find ones self "unawares."

It is true. I have "blond" moments, which don't induce laughter... moments when I would give almost anything to possess even the slightest inkling of "what the heck" I need to be doing! (By the way; these moments, in which I am willing to do whatever it takes... are amazing!)

But thankfully, there is more...

Oh yes, there is more!

When I feel absolutely clueless about how to accomplish a goal that I absolutely know I must accomplish, faith propels me forward; with the optimism, energy, and enthusiasm, I continue striving to tackle the task at hand. It doesn't mean I always succeed; failures are blessings too! But I continue on...

I am, after all, as destined to love life while struggling with the bigger more important challenges... as I am to laugh over insignificant moments of triviality.

My life is filled with "blond moments" in which I go to my room, and in desperation for answers... I pour out my heart in prayer to God for strength and insight; and, sometimes - I even cry.

But, there is more...

Oh yes, there is more!

Just when I feel I am having to handle more than is reasonable for anyone to be expected to handle... or that I simply can't stand NOT KNOWING how to handle such a situation (I can be such a baby!), He whispers into my heart and mind, and tells me that I can.

And then...

The tensions in my knotted up stomach slowly begin disintegrating, leaving my body with each and every tear as it streams down my face. I sigh, and exhale out even more tension. 
And I am blessed with healing...

And again filled with hope, optimism joy, FAITH...

I feel warmer and more relaxed.

It is as if He has wrapped me in His warm embrace and filled me with the power to move mountains! His power... The power TO BELIEVE.

As I sit there in awe, I know... He loves me; and He believes in me.

I know there is no challenge or hardship that I can not get through with Him by my side.

Because of Him, I can bounce back.

And I can, once again, get back to loving life.


And so a phrase for this experience has been born.

I AM "blond..."

Oh yes I am.

But do you know...

what else, I am?

Because of the faith, and the power to believe...  
a gift for which, with great awe I receive;

I am not only "blond,"

I am ALSO ~ "Loving It!"

I may not have all the answers, but I continue on with my goals... even though some of them are incredibly difficult, and sometimes seem impossible. But don't confuse that with ignorance. The truth is, I am blessed with FAITH. 

I may not have the mind of a genius (despite what many of my best friends think ;)... but I DO have optimism, and faith, to - keep. moving. forward...

Thanks to my Father in Heaven...

I am

"Blond... and Loving it! ;)"

If you want to, you can be "blond... and loving It" too! ~ I am going to make a blog button for my blog. And it will say, "Blond... and Loving it! ;)" And you can Just grab my blog button, and look at it as a daily reminder, that you can be "loving it" too (even if you are a red head or a brunet ;)!

PS. I would like to publicly thank my Heavenly Father for loving and blessing me with this gift of faith!  :)  Even though I do get lost easily...

"Blond... and Loving it! ;)"
Corine :D


  1. Corine,
    You make me laugh and chuckle to myself. I love your energy and zest for life and the ability to look at yourself with clear lenses...
    If we can't look at ourself with lightness, we are destined for a miserable existence. I too thank God that my life is what it is and I am who I am!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. I love the connection .... I had no idea where you were going than thought I did then didn't know again ....

    and then I loved how you pulled it all together. LOVED IT!!!

  3. Hi Corine!

    Thank you for the wonderful comment. You are so sweet to say that!

    You have a really great blog here and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!

    Happy Easter Weekend!!

  4. Corine, I loved this today! I think it is amazing. and good for you to know who you are and who is guiding and leading you along.

  5. Thanks so much for all of your comments, bloggy friends! :) Happy Easter to you all! :D


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