Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Could it be that everyone who accomplishes something "jaw dropping" or "amazing," simply shows up to do a work which may not even seem possible. But they stick with it - tears and all - and eventually, all their seemingly unsuccessful efforts come together to create a beautiful piece of art?

Do you have a goal which sometimes seems impossible? I have a goal. It isn't exactly, "jaw dropping." Usually, it seems extremely possible. I know I can accomplish it. But now and then...

I am training for a half marathon, for the first time in my life. I've never been a runner (I could probably count on both hands, the # of times I have ran before last month). During the week, my workouts are small. But once each week, I go to a friend's house, and show up for a long run. Each time I run farther than ever before. One of my knees hurts. I hope I have not overdone it. I give it rest, doing much smaller workouts throughout the week, but do keep working out. A week later, I go to my friend's house for another long run - again running farther than I ever have before.

Yesterday was one of those long run days, at 8.1 miles. This time, BOTH of my knees hurt. this time, my leg muscles are sore; It hurts to walk. Behind one of my knees, is a constant and annoying tingling. I think I need a massage. I wonder if I can do more; can I keep doing this? I seriously wonder.

And yet, I know, I WILL keep on running. I am driven by a goal, and a desire to see if I can do it. I tell my husband, "next week, I don't think I'll do more. I think I may have overdone it... 6.33 miles to 8.1 may have been too much of a jump for my inexperienced knees. Perhaps I will simply run another 8.1 miles again next week."

And yet, I know I will want to do more; I might. I probably will. :o It is my goal to work up to 13 miles, so I can run a half marathon next month. I realize that this is cutting it close, but I think it is do-able.

Whether or not others may believe that I will win or lose, succeed, or fail to finish the race; I will keep running.

I only fail, if I fail to try.

No... there is no fail.

There are no failures - only people who quit before they succeed.

And I will not quit.


I do not know what heights I am capable of achieving.
Therefore, I do not know what heights I can not achieve;
And this acknowledgment, of lack of knowledge,
Propels me forward, to find out what I can achieve.

PS. I read a blog today over here today, which inspired this post. So, I leave a note of thanks to Emily (as well as a link - go check out her awesome blog!), for her beautiful writing, and fabulous way of encouraging inspiration!
 I don't know if you will ever see this, but thanks again Emily! :D

And thanks to all of you who read my blog, leave comments, and join me in finding joy in my journey!!!! :D

Yours truly,
Corine :D

PPS. The biggest lesson I have learned is that if we wait until we KNOW we can do something... to do it - we will never know. The knowing comes from doing it.   :)


  1. Good for you! I love to run, but not fit enough to do so right now. My goal (one of them) is to get fit enough to run. So far I'm off to a good start! Kuddos to you for keeping it up!

  2. Corine, I'm so sorry I have been MIA. I'm having a rough time right now, doing the A-Z (Which I wish I hadn't) and honestly I'm wore out. But I'm here to tell you, you can do it! Ice and heat, rotate every 20 minutes and stretch, stretch, stretch. This coming from someone with bad knees :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. Corine, my daughter ran a half marathon last year. We were so proud of her, we drove to Utah to clap and cheer. It is an amazing goal and a terrific achievement.

  4. oh how i admire you! run with the wind corine! run run run!!

  5. I like it, exercise is good for health ...
    good article :D


  6. Notes to each of my commenter's ;)

    Hi Tina, Thanks! And good for you for setting the goal to get fit, and being off to a good start! Yeah for you! Kudos to you for keeping it up, too!

    Hi Jules,
    MIA... No worries! You can't be everywhere and do everything! You are absolutely WONDERFUL! Thank you! And I'm so sorry about the A-Z challenge wearing you out. Be easy on yourself, and don't expect yourself to do everything, OK. As for the knee advice...THANK YOU once again! Oh, and a little good news... I learned something, too. I was dehydrated, and the more dehydrated I got, the more it hurt to walk; it felt like there were rocks in my knees (day after running, not while running). I went to the store, bought a big jug of carrot juice, and while shopping, drank it (along with just a cup of water)... and wola! The rocks were GONE before I got home. :D But the tingles are still there (circulation issue, I think). Next time I come home from a painful run, I will remember the ice and heat. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ;D Corine

    Patty Ann, you are a WONDERFUL mother! How great it is that you went out of your way to show support to your daughter! You are such a good example and a wonderful person! (I know you weren't dishing for compliments... but you really did have it coming ;).

    Sherri, THANKS! I really do love your style! For you, I promise to "run like the wind!" ;)

    Diets, Welcome! And I certainly agree! Exercise is ESSENTIAL to good health, in every way. Exercise keeps me HAPPY! :D

    Come on back anytime!

  7. I am not a runner, but I love playing basketball. I have managed to get tendonitis in my achilles. Just be careful. It is so easy to get an injury and then make it worse by ignoring the pain. Good luck! I hope you reach all of your goals!

  8. "Mom," - Thank you! I really appreciate your concern, and taking the time to give me some good advice! (LOL, "Mom," is a great honorary name for you, and something to be so proud of! :D) I will remember to take care of myself. Thanks again.
    Sincerely, Corine :D

  9. I love this--"If we wait until we know we can do something to do it..we'll never know. The knowing comes from doing it." Completely and totally true. Thank you for your inspiration and congratulations on your great accomplishment! And thanks for coming over to my blog--your comments have put a smile on my face today.

  10. Amy, thanks so much for your sweet comment and congratulations to me. :) More important though, I'm so happy to see you here and inspired. And I'm so happy to have put a smile on your face! That makes me smile... :D I hope you have a great day!

    Corine :D

  11. Another sensor needed post....holy cow, Lady! You are so good for me!

    1. Thanks, Laura! :) I'm so happy you are being blessed! :)

    2. PS. I DID accomplish that half marathon. And it was a GREAT experience! :) I think I should do it again!!


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