Sunday, April 10, 2011

Active Living Again... :D

I am really enjoying life right now; I feel incredibly SPOILED! :D There are just so many current blessings in my life to be overwhelmed with gratitude over. :D

For example... My husband and I used to be really sort of health conscious and athletic together. We took evening walks together, and biked everywhere together. We were both sort of fanatical about being healthy. And though we both look back and laugh together over how obsessed and overboard we both were... I have to admit, I'm really excited to be getting some of it back!

That's right! The pendulum has swung back in the direction of healthy living. :D I'm not entirely sure how it all started, but little by little, some wonderful small changes have been gradually snowballing over the past few months.

Let's see... how did it all start? I really don't know. :o It all seems to have happened gradually and naturally, and perhaps beginning with very small things. Perhaps it began to take root this December, when I went ice skating - on real ice skates; for the first time.

But no, it wasn't that trip to the pond on ice skates that did it. I have been rollerblading consistently for a couple of years now, and that didn't do it. (Don't worry, you'll understand what I'm talking about, as soon as my fingers catch up with my thinking... ;D)

After the ice skating, I told a friend, Valerie, who has raced in marathons and triathlons that I have always wanted to do triathlons. She suggested that we workout together to prepare for the coming races this summer. And vola! I'm now training for a marathon, and soon will also be training for triathlons! :D

So far, this friend and I, as well as another friend... workout during the week on our own, and only work out together once each week; we make it our long run day. Valerie keeps me from going too far and injuring myself. (I would have overdone it and perhaps may have injured myself if it wasn't for her. :o She is a life saver!) So far, we have run as far as 6.33 miles. Monday, I hope to run around 7. We simply go a little farther each week to work our way up to the 12 mile marathon. I am so anxious to start biking and swimming, too.

Now that I am training, I have moved that beautiful old rowing machine of ours, out of storage, and into my sun room next to the weights. I also placed a boom box and pile of educational CD's which were given to me by a friend (thanks Dave!). And now, I have my own lovely little exercise room where I can workout and either listen to music, or learn about various aspects of healthy living. :) I'm totally stoked!

But here is the point of the post ~ the thing I am celebrating here...

Imagine me, just minding my own business, working out on equipment other than roller blades (which my family is accustomed to seeing me do for the past few years), or just out on my shoes (never been a runner). I don't say anything to them about getting more active; I just do it myself. Meanwhile, the family begins to ask questions; "Where are you going?" "You went running again?"

Then witnessing gradual changes in actions... Miles ran with me twice lately, and now wants new running shoes so he can run with me some more without his injured knee acting up (shoes specially made for people with knee injury issues). He has been talking about wanting to get back into cycling again, and is also now considering training for triathlons.

The kids are all going for walks, running, using the exercise equipment. The boys begged their father and I for Parkour lessons, and finally, a few days ago - we signed them up for a month. I don't know how long they will do it, but I'm glad they are getting the exercise and opportunity to experience something new, and to begin to develop their bodies in a fun way. :D

Recently, while I was rowing, one of my sons asked, "mom. which muscles does that thing build?" He was delighted to hear that it works the whole body - arms, legs, stomach, back; you name it!

BTW: I wish my camera was working, so I could take photos of the family doing these things; and then I would post them RIGHT HERE...
*Please insert imagined photos of the family members enjoying being physically active. :)
Note: The Parkour ones would be especially cool! ;)

I am LOVING watching them all get interested in taking care of themselves - without having to say anything to them about it at all. :D ~ And I am LOVING knowing, that we are on the verge of being physically active AS A FAMILY AGAIN!

I used to think about how active Miles and I used to be, and of how much we enjoyed being athletic together, mostly with cycling and hiking. Miles was into sports and athletics when he was young, and I thought it strange that none of our kids seemed interested. But now that they are watching us get back into it, they are suddenly showing great interest. And all it took was a little example and opportunity... imagine THAT! ;D

And to top off all of these wonderful health improvements, there is more! 
But this post is already long enough... more about our changes/new plans, coming soon! :D

*PS. Wait, don't leave yet! I do have one very cool thing to add to this post.

When I first started running (in March), it only took about 30-60 seconds for me to be in terrible pain and to say to myself...
"What am I doing? This is nuts! Why on earth did I decide to train for a triathlon or marathon?"
But I decided to give it a chance; no, I decided to give myself a chance. For some reason, I have always wanted to do this.

The first few runs actually consisted of walking a great deal more than running, and I am still working my way up to more vigorous training. Nothing too spectacular went on...

The cool thing though,
 is watching my body go from feeling like I'm going to die...
 ~ to feeling like my soul is singing! :D

I think a lot of experiences and opportunities in life are like this. There are often things that we want to do, which when we first start to do (and sometimes just consider doing) - which seem beyond difficult. But when we give ourselves a chance, and just try... we find out that we can do it.

I have to remind myself of this some times. That if a new goal feels impossibly difficult, I may want to - keep working on it! The beginning is the toughest part.

I know I have a lot to do to get ready for these races, but I am excited to have broken through the mental barrier of impossibility, simply by choosing to do it anyhow!

I love discovering that the impossible... is possible.

And like I was just saying... now when I run, I don't feel like dying; now when I run... I feel like my soul is singing! :D

I hope you give exercising... (or whatever it is you desire to do), a try; your soul deserves to sing, too!  ;)

Corine :D

PPS Another really exciting health development is that we finally got our Niken water filter fixed! We will also be getting a new filter for our Niken air filter and be breathing cleaner air again as well. These are two of the most wonderful pieces of healthy living tools a person could ever hope for. Seriously... they are so wonderful that I wonder if I can find and post videos about them on this blog for you to be able to see how great they are, so you can have the blessings of having them, too! :o :) I'll check on that...


  1. I can not wait to be exercising again. Triathlons are SO fun you are going to love them, as for the marathon, I haven't gotten that one to tempt me yet :) Good luck!!

  2. What a great positive post ... I found you from Mormon Moms who Blog (or whatever that is?) ... I like your style, m'dear!

  3. Thank you for your kind kind words and prayers! Just by reading this post I know we have a lot in common! :) Hope you have a fabulous day!

  4. Thanks gals! And Welcome, welcome! :D


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